Is it necessary to stack Rebirth with Khan Stage 2?


If I were to read the descriptions, I’d think not, but let’s see what @SaintSovereign and/or @Fire say.


No, it is not necessary.


Did the mods address this before? I tried searching for past threads but nothing came up.


Khan ST1 has total breakdown. Khan ST 2 is total reprogramming.



The second stage of Khan – the stage where you will reprogram your beliefs, your personality, your emotions to such a level where power and sexuality is your natural state of mind. The effortlessness of power is the Khan’s privilege.

This stage will help you change everything you desired to change your whole life, by both pushing you to change and being guided by your views of your ideal image of yourself. Everything will come naturally and fit your deepest, innermost personality – and everything that will be changed will be changed to the man you’ve dreamed of becoming, painted in the colors of Khan – power and sexuality.

And this will happen so powerfully and so naturally, that you will be amazed by how easy it was. Everything will be affected – voice, posture, thinking, beliefs, emotions, energy, relationships, sleep, inner voice, and others.

Women and wealth will come easily; but you are still required to take action. And while Total Reprogramming sounds easier than Total Breakdown, do not be fooled – Total Reprogramming will make you question yourself and your deepest aspirations, emotions, beliefs, personality traits… until you come out reforged with a purpose akin to steel.


I’m aware of that. But saint said there are benefits to be gain from stacking Regeneration with Khan Stage 1, even though it’s called “Total Breakdown”.


True, I personally do ST1 and ST2.


That’s why I said it isn’t necessary. I believe there are benefits. Try it and see. Try it first without it. Experimentation is key. Most of all have fun and journal.