Is it ethical to play ultrasonic with people around?


Is it ethical to play ultrasonic with people around?

I ask since I talked with one of my friends after our game a while. He mentioned he’d like me to help him set up Ascension Lite on his phone, and since I was feeling good, I pulled my phone out, showing him I’d had Regeneration running all night.

His reaction, that of being subjected to it without his awareness, had me feeling guilty. I verbally discounted that he could really hear it, though I was lying to him and myself to make myself look innocent. In times past, I have run subs in these guys’ presence, but I never thought of that tonight.

Was this wrong to do?

I’m wondering how others have handled running ultrasonic subs with people in close proximity. Thank you for the help and community here.


Not ideal, but I don’t think you should feel bad because of this.

  1. He is actually interested in changing his life using subs.
  2. Subliminal needs time to really have a deep impact on someone’s mind.
  3. The worst case scenario is probably that he had bad sleep or wild dreams.

I still think it is better to try and avoid exposing people around you if they don’t want to, but I am pretty sure that the impact on his life was insignificant and if there was an impact, well he got some emotionnal healing… :joy:


Wow. Being honest, I felt guilty since like I said, I have played subs with them around…but mostly for this guy. I feel like shit since Regen is helping me see my emotional dishonesty–first to myself, then to him.

That realization stings a bit.

Thanks for helping me see the sub wasn’t the issue. My choice of how I’ve used them was.


Yes – in the instructions, we state not to expose people to subliminals without their permission. You never really know what someone is going through, and you don’t want to cause them to have a negative experience because they weren’t ready for what you were running.