Is it bad to stop a subliminal halfway and come back to it asap?


Let’s say I am listening to the masked version via my cell phone of a sub and have to go to the bathroom midway.

I do not want to bring my phone into the bathroom so I pause it and resume when I return.

Would this have a negative effect on my results as compared to me being able to listen to the sub uninterrupted?


Since subclub subs were built around the set-and-forget method I imagine this isn’t a problem. Iirc subclub subs are made in such a way that if you do listen for the full hour, you’ve in fact listened to the script(s) multiple times in that hour


This is fine IMO.


From my experience, it seems fine as I believe SC subs were designed for set and forget. However, I’m not sure if this still applies to Ultima. Calling @SaintSovereign for clarification.


I’d need this clarification too. I was listening to Ultima via my headphones and needed to answer the door so I just paused Ultima and came back to it. I’m assuming it would be the okay but would love the clarification as I couldn’t just ignore the door bell.


It’s completely fine.


:slightly_smiling_face:THANK YOU :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for clarifying @Fire.


Sweet, thanks for the clarification! Appreciate it.