Is Emperor v.3 New Dawn or PrimalTech?


I’ve seen statements of Emperor being New Dawn in recent writings, but I’ve not found a clear answer. I have Limitless v.2 running in New Dawn format, and it’s SMOOTH and very effective. I’m wondering if Emperor is New Dawn or not. It is very smooth too, so that’s why I’m wondering


Dude, just read the Roadmap thread.
But… Yes, it is.

Saint Sovereign even said it’s one step beyond New Dawn. It’s all in the thread.


Calm the tone, dude. Not appreciated at all.


v3 is New Dawn with Primal Tech additions. We didn’t go into a lot of detail when talking about the two technologies, but it’s like this: PrimalTech was a scripting upgrade. New Dawn is a scripting AND platform upgrade. Meaning, PrimalTech focused on streamlining the script in a way to get better results. With New Dawn, we improved scripting AND the actual build. That’s why we call it a “platform.” It’s a reimagination of our technology.

Confusing, we know. That’s why we stopped talking about it as much, lol.


Thanks Saint. I ran Emperor v.1 in December, and it was rough. It was my very first exposure to SC subs. I tried v.2 a week or more, and it got progressively heavier, conflicting with everyday interactions. V.3 has been very smooth and very effective.

I am running Regeneration while sleeping. In short, I’m becoming less caring about “what” is exactly working. Shades seem to be coming off my eyes, and I am seeing change with this version.

(I’ve not found a “hats off” emoji or icon, but I’d have put it on a couple of recent posts)