Is creating a financial supercharger a possibility?


I’ve been on a single program (EOG), I needed a emotional boost, so I’m going to put on the Commander supercharger. I own Dreams too, used it one day, and my daydreaming that very day was quite evident. I’ll find out what Commander does after this post.

Then…I imagined what might happen if a financial supercharger existed. The audios make me think and imagine possibilities when I’ve listened to them. I’m in another holdup financially right now (numerous have surfaced in the last 2 months), and today I’ve been focusing on possibilities rather than obstacles. The latter focuses on me failing or quitting the hard things. The former, from my experience and discussions with like-minded individuals, is limitless.

Has SC considered a financial supercharger?


You can create very powerful images in that area, so I’d say it’s a definite possibility.


Yeah Would Like That too !


This comes up periodically. And I always agree.

Me too!!!

Yes, I will immediately purchase a wealth-building/financial supercharger. As, probably, would most people who would purchase Ecstasy of Gold.