Is anyone stacking their custom with a standard sub?

Is anyone stacking their custom with another full product. For example custom plus regeneration or custom with primal seduction or whatever. If so what are your experiences ?


I’m using my TMB Custom - which is EoG Stage 1 + 4 and Emperor: House of Medici

Stacking that with Khan Stage 2 currently.

Also using BLU + Executive.

Dense af but I’m working on it. It’ll just be slower to see results but I can feel everything processing and working. I did have Stark in the stack until last week but I’ve removed it as that made it even more dense.

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Nice one thanks for sharing

Currently using the same Custom I got since June with Ultimate Artist.
Consistent use along with Executive.

They get along very well. At least in my case. I’m no longer slacking off and taking action every day related to my artistic pursuits along with improving my health. Learning theory, engaging in a professional course, I know where to go in my life.
This stack has improved vastly thanks to the Executive Ultima, it’s a standard for me now.
It’s been almost a week and I’ve had done more than this whole month.

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I’m stacking my emotional healing/mindset sub Halcyon with StarkQ Terminus, Beyond Limitless Ultima, and now The Executive.

So far I like it! I think the productivity drive from Executive might be hindering my other sub a bit as instead of staying in bed when I wake up early and trying to get a bit more sleep, I’m up at my desk… even if I went to bed at 2am and was up during the night with the baby as well.

Definitely not getting the amount of deep sleep that I’d prefer.

Overall though, I like it… and am eager to get a 2nd custom to really dial in how I want them to interact and influence me.

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