Iron Throne Q and Emperor Q - Now with Stark Terminus



  1. I work in a very niche area of the I.T market of which I freelance i want to become the best at what I do.

  2. Use these my professional skillset to allow me the freedom to work and travel around the world working, dating, sight seeing etc.

Currently running 4 loops of Iron Throne Q and 4 loops of Emperor Q

Day 1 to 4

First couple of days I was full of energy.

Third day anger erupted I hated myself for allowing a close friend to insult me. I had to meditate to let it go.

Fourth day I was so full of anger I called him up and asked him why he had done what he had done. This was a good thing as I got this shit of my chest.


Day 5

I noticed my land lady avoided eye contact with me but continued to chat to me. One of the girls who serves me coffee at the take away place she looked really uncomfortable when I tried to chat with her. Normally she is really friendly.

Even though the lock down was in place the PC shop was open in the city. So I went to buy a USB stick. There was a girl standing in the queue so I struck up a conversation with her. Before she departed i asked for her number she refused and walked away.

What happened next was wierd she walked 6 steps then turned back to me and walked all the way back and said “you have a really nice vibe we should meet”.

I asked for her number she still refused so i handed my number to her. We then departed…

Two hours later I got a whatsapp message from her. We arranged to meet on the weekend.

BTW I had a similar encounter in another country where a girl brushed me off then came back to talk to me whilst I was on primal.


Finally an PS Q Jornal.
Searchin the forum up and down for those coz i wanted to add it to my EQ ride but after I get a month EQ + StarkQ, need more productivity in my life.

Wish u the best


This was golden :muscle: did you both have masks on ? Women love boldness. It’s shows confidence and masculine energy.


@Grimm1390 neither of us was wearing a mask


Day 5 Evening

As i was walking down the road. I noticed a charity worker standing their she was a young girl she gave me a smile and we began chatting. I was waiting for the conversion to segway into what she trying to get me to sign up for.

What was interesting was that the conversation continued along the theme of where I was from and what I did for living. At one point i said to her “are you not going to get into trouble for just standing here talking to me i can see your manager standing overthere”.

She giggled and said " i dont care and then continued to chat to me" after about 15 minutes her manager came over so I decided to make my excuses and leave.


Day 6

Evening stack

4 loops of emperor Q
2 loops of iron throne

May have to split the listening time between iron throne and emperor. If I listen to all 6 loops I find it hard to concentrate on immersing myself in the new technology I am learning as I think iron throne distracts me.

From now will listen to 4 loops emperor in the morning and 2 loops of iron throne in the evening before i go to bed.

Whilst in bed listening to emperor I felt a moment of sadness where I wanted to cry but I abstained.

Noticed an increased urgency to get chores done and not waste time, even mudane tasks like the laundry or cleaning the appartment etc.


Day 7

6 loops of Iron throne Q overnight
4 loops of Emperor Q morning

Continue to be productive action is everything is my motto ! i hear this voice shouting this out in my mind.

We are still on lockdown. As I was walking through the city I saw two arabic girls standing in a queue. One was an absolute stunner I couldnt help but gaze at her as she stood there. Her friend nudged her to say look that guy is looking at you.

Suddenly felt this intense energy running through my body. I just wanted to walk over to her right now and tear her clothes off. It was almost like she felt it her friend turned and began staring at me. I was still some distance away so I smiled and said hi.

She gave me a shy smile to acknowledge me. However with the 1.5 metre rule in place i didnt want to approach and startle her and the rest of the people in the queue.

Ten minutes later I was still thinking dirty thoughts about this one particular girl.

Arranged to meet the girl i had met a few days ago this weekend.

Since I switched my stack around I was alot more productive. Iron throne q running at night and emperor q running in the morning. Absolute lazer focus on my studying, work was productive no more frustration from WFH.

No ill effects like mental fatigue or tiredness might up my loops on iron throne tonight.


Maintaining good habits is no longer a chore for me its part of me. I wont go into detail but its something i wanted to highlight in my journal. My appartment looks so well organized all done by me :grinning:

What I have noticed is that I have a dream say of me on a bus and suddenly I realize i am on the wrong bus. When I wake up I am able to understand the dream and remedy the situation in my real life, wrong bus --> wrong decision --> lets try remedy this and try something else to reach my goal.


Day 8

8 loops of iron throne
3 loops of emperor Q

Total of 11 loops of Q my grey matter seems to have got use to listening to so many loops when I first did a blast of 8 loops from a Q product I didnt want to get out of bed.

The iron throne seems to push me out of the appartment to go for a walk to chat up women. However the lock down was still presenting a challenge. I was reading the non verbals of women walking past I noticed them keeping a distance from each person passing by. It probably wasnt a good time to be hitting on women. It might even just freak them out.

Might for now up the emperor looks and dial down the iron throne loops till the lock down is over perhaps in 2 weeks.

I do like the feel of iron throne it makes me feel more manly the only challenge is the more loops I do. Its hard to sit still or focus on learning stuff.

The girl I was suppose to meet for a coffee. Asked if we could rain check till next week to meet.

One thing I have noticed is that I seek to do things to perfection. Today for example I boiled eggs for breakfast. I wanted to determine what would be the optimum time to make a fully boiled egg. So I did a bit of googling to find out how to make the perfect boiled egg. I never used to do this before !.


Why don’t you use Iron Throne Q?


He is using ITQ, just misses mentioning Q sometimes.

Good journal @blackadder. I’m enjoying reading your effects. :+1:t2:


I am experiencing bursts of anger throughout the day. A friend of mine called and got really sarcastic on the phone because I had not called him back. I lost my temper with him which is out of character for me. As i dislike sarcasm normally I would just take it and stay calm.

I believe the emperor q “limitless modules” might be kicking in now. As I was able to focus for several hours learning some new technology. I say “limitless modules” because I know that SC do not use modules anymore its just away from me to label the learning component of the subliminal.


Sick journal


Day 9

8 loops of emperor Q
2 loops of iron throne Q

The ten loops must have really got to me. I felt fatigued and mentally tired after coming back from my jogging session. Decided to take a nap for two hours felt refreshed on awakening.

Was still feeling angry after my friend had made some sarcastic remarks. I phoned him and we chatted he said that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill and he felt it was strange of me to be acting like this. Nevertheless I was more at peace with myself after talking to him.

Felt that it would be nice to give someone a gift. I learned that my landlord cancelled his birthday get together because of the covid 19 thing. So i have decided to buy him a birthday cake and a candle. I have arranged to meet him so I can take the cake over to his place and surprise him. He is a nice bloke even though we are not friends he is has helped me out now and again. I really enjoy chatting to him.


Day 10

8 loops of emperor Q
1 loops of iron throne Q

Had a dream I was at a bus station I was waiting for a bus to get me home. Then I saw another bus and decided. F**k it lets get this other bus i cant wait any longer.

So I got on the other bus and realized it was going the opposite direction to home so I jumped off. As I jumped off the bus a lorry was driving towards me i began shitting my pants. Suddenly the lorry did a U turn and drove the other way.

A woman standing nearby said excitedly "wow that was a close shave"and she began laughing.

I woke up and thought about the dream carefully. Realized the bus represented my thought process. I had decided on a path but sometimes get distracted and when I get distracted their can be consequences. So i need to be mindful in my daily life not too get distracted from my goals because of impatience.

The lock down still presents a challenge when it comes to socializing so I decided to give tinder ago. Setup a profile, photos etc and got swiping.


Day 11

Emperor Q x 8 loops
Iron Throne x 1 loop

Had a couple of matches on tinder but not really with women. However I did not find anything attractive about them.

Had dreams last night again which followed the themes of my previous nights dreams.

I have a greater self control over my sugar cravings despite me feeling hungry.

Felt much more motivated to get up and get things done early morning which i have been doing the last few days.


Day 12

Had a dream of a girl crying and apologising to me for sleeping around. Not sure what to make of this dream to be honest.

Feeling down and depressed, angry I began watching comedies on youtube which helped alleviate the sadness.

Complete control over my sugar cravings when I get the urge to eat chocolates like after eights yummy yummy :grin: which are my favourite I leave the house and go for a walk.

Laser like focus when it came to learning new stuff. Learned how to cook a few dishes by watching youtube.

Laser like focus when getting work done.

All fears and anxieties gone however occasional bursts of anger.


Day 13

8 loops of Emperor Q
1 loop of Iron Throne

On the subject of sugar cravings when I got the urge i would leave the appartment and go for a walk. Now I see the chocolates in the cupboard in the kitchen but have no desire to consume them.

Become alot more regimental with my diet over the last few days I have lowered my carb intake. Especially towards the evenings where I would reduce my intake to zero.

I think because of the change in my diet I have alot more energy to do other things.


Day 14

8 loops of Emperor Q
1 loop of Iron Throne

Getting compliments on my looks people tellme i look so youthful and my skin is so soft and nice looking. I am guessing that the “forever young/face changing module” is kicking in and working its magic. I have used quotes as i know that SC do not use modules anymore, using it more as a point of reference.

Nothing else to say will drop the iron throne as meeting and dating women is hard during the lock down.