Iphone 5 low speaker frequensee


I downloaded the ultrasonic subliminals mp3’s into my phone audio player but when I test the frequency using my ipad, it’s barely above -70 decibel up close. A little bit further away, it’s hovering very close to -80 decibel. I’m out and about during my day so it’s not plausible to blast the subliminals using my computer’s speakers. What should I do?


So are you saying that even at full volume, your IPhone 5 is barely above -70db when measured with your IPad?


Yea, at full volume of my iphone 5, my ipad’s frequensee app measures it as barely -70 db. I place the ipad’s microphone right up to the iphone’s speaker


That’s quite strange, I’m thinking something maybe wrong with your IPad microphone/IPhone speaker. Have you tried playing masked and see how loud you can get it?


Masked is very different. At the lowest volume (1 bar) on headphone, it’s at a comfortable and sometime loud volume. I had to take the headphone off after 5 minutes because I was beginning to get headaches… I’m beginning to test the masked version on speaker during sleep though


So I tested the iphone speaker against bluestack’s frequensee using my pc microphone. The spikes are the same as the ipad


I find that the ultrasonics are, in general, mastered much quieter that the masked versions. There is not much that can be done on the user end. There are ways to boost gain on audio tracks using audio tools but without knowing more about how @Fire and @SaintSovereign build their audio tracks I wouldn’t recommend it, and that’s if you have experience doing it to begin with.

The only options I see for you are 1) switching to masked. 2) investing in a speaker for your phone (Bluetooth or wired) which you carry around with you. 3) Listen using a computer or other device while at home and reducing your listening time just to those hours.

Beyond that I am not sure what more you could do to get around the issue.


I have to agree with the suggestions put forward by @Neurokinetic as well, I can’t see any different options. One way to maximize the time listening to it would be to listen to the masked when driving for example in conjunction with during time at hope (sleep, television).