iOS application to play subs and music at the same time?



I’m looking for a solution.
I want to play subs and music at the same time on my iPhone.

As you may know, ios is very limited.
You can use the built in music/itunes app, but that’s about it to my understanding.

I know that there are some 3rd party apps out there but most of them are paid.
Which is not a problem, but i want to make sure they go together with the default music/itunes player.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I saw a few apps that looked interessting.



When you figure that out let me know lol, i would love to be able to play my spotify music with the ultra sonics at the sametime on my phone, but sadly phones are limited


Only solution i’ve came across is a ‘‘DJ’’ app.
This will allow you to play 2 mp3’s at the same time.
It’s not very practical though, since it won’t allow you to lock your iPhone.


I found an app called SplitCloud, however it splits the tracks between left and right ear so not ideally what we are looking for. You might consider making a playlist and throwing both tracks in an audio editor and exporting it that way.


Don’t know if you already solved this problem, but there is an app called AudioShare. Once you figure it out, you can play a track in that app independently of anything else. You can even adjust the volume independently. It will keep playing in the background regardless of what other app is open (e.g., YouTube, Music, etc.)

I just discovered it and have been using it so that I can play other things while still letting the subliminal play.


So you could listen to music and a sub on the iphone at the sametime with that app


Yes. This is the app.

I don’t know if there are others that do the same thing, but this one has background play and independent volume control. Took me a little while playing around to figure it out, but it works.


I get the sense that I’m barely scratching the surface of this app’s intended functionality, haha. But, anyway, this is the purpose for which I got the thing.


How did you do it? And is it compatible with day YouTube Premium per chance?


Once you get the app, just import the desired sound file from your library. Set the volume, check ‘repeat’, and play. The background play is automatic. It just keeps playing until you press ‘stop’ or close out the app. (So be careful with ultrasonics volume settings. Don’t want to forget it’s there and then raise the volume too high.)

If you get it and aren’t sure how to work it, just post here.


Fuck yes it works flawlessly. Thanks man


Excellent! Happy listening. (and maybe stick with masked to be safe, if you’re using earbuds).


Morning, new to Sub Club.
So, question then. I listen to audio books using a local library app on my long commute to work and back. I have to have the volume pretty high in order to hear it. In the AudioShare app, can you keep the ultrasonic volume lower than the volume of an audio book? Would they be able to be controlled independently is I guess what I am asking? Or would an audio book (file) not be able to be manipulated? Understand is this question is not answerable.


I always use Masked if it’s earbuds. Also the water noises don’t interfere with anything. Plus I’m glad it works with the YouTube app as well.

Listening In Only One Ear


Yes, you can set the volume lower within AudioShare (just tap on the track and on the speaker icon). You can control your audiobook volume with the main volume button on your phone. Just play around until you get the combination right. Masked track safer in earbuds.


Awesome share @Malkuth. Now I can workout to my playlist while listening to any sub. Downside is you need to fork over some cash (it’s not free), I think it’s worth it.

Thanks again!