“Invincible Summer” (LB+Sanguine Custom) & ASBR No Fame Journal

The title speaks for itself

My custom was delivered today (on Easter Sunday :heart:) and I decided to cut my washout short by 12 hours and start my new stack

I listened to my custom for 15 minutes because after 7.5 mins I didn’t have any fatigue, the experience felt so smooth, that I decided to ride out the full loop and see what happens

It’s been a loooooong time since I listened to a full ZP loop, so I decided to skip ASBR No Fame and just let my custom ride out in my mind

First of all, after it’s namesake emotional experience, I am feeling happy post-listen. I feel light. I feel buoyant. I feel like I am the man for the job (the job being living my life to its fullest expression of joy, love, authenticity, and openness).

I feel open to love, open to the journey, open to God, open to creativity, open to discovering who I am and who I want to be.

This is my first custom ever, and I finally understand the hype.

I’ll link the modules in it below.

I am excited for the journal and this journey :slight_smile:

God Bless America (yeehaw)


Boop the snoot


A Sanguine + Love Bomb custom…

Welcome to the Sanguine Love life.


I just realized why it pisses me off so much when my mom criticizes other people while gossiping

It’s because it shows she has a superiority complex

And I know for a fact she isn’t actually superior

How do I know that for a fact?

Because I think I’m better than her


Should be a good one to unravel

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Changed the name of my custom to “Invincible Summer” inspired by this picture my friend posted on Instagram


Loved the combo of Sanguine + LB. Great custom.


Got the intuitive ping to stop listening after 11.5 min to the custom today. Let it rock until 12 min.

Listened to SB w/o fame for 3.5 min

Lots of introspection and sudden realizations about my behavior and perspectives, how unloving they can be at times, and a certain amount of distance is being created between my self and my thoughts.

Hearkening back to a “The Power of Now” style of existence.

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