Introspection on Beyond Limitless


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

This is my personal thread on everything ONLY related to my experiences with Beyond Limitless Ultima.
I will be stacking it with my custom and Quantum Limitless in the future, but for now, I am running it on my own until I receive my custom. The point of the journal is first and foremost to conclude and write down the effects I get from the subliminal as I noticed a distinct pattern in the past: The MORE and frequently I journal, the BETTER my results become. So don’t necessarily expect long paragraphs like I used to do in my other journals; but you are still very welcome to ask questions or discuss topics here in the thread.

So that was the small introduction.

Day 1: One loop (Sennheiser Headset):

  • Very fluent speak while socializing and making jokes. No problem finding “words” like it sometimes happens to be and in general, just being in the flow while talking. Knowing what to say and when to say it to express a point. No results on productivity as I have not studied for that day.

Day 2: One loop (Sennheiser Headset):

  • I was working on my custom since the release (I would say 33 hours + focused attention at least) but the end result is grand, the modules are enhancing each other and are completely aligned with my goals. Today, I was making an immense process and could finalize my custom. I experienced some new insights, out-of-the-box thinking, and really a deep feeling of knowing what I need and what will be beneficial not only for the next days but for the next months.

Day 3: Two loops (One loop with Sennheiser, one loop with Monster Inspiration)

  • Two loops was likely too much for me as I began to feel tired after a while and began to distract myself instead of working. After lunch, I fell asleep and had a really - to be honest - exceptionally deep and rejuvenating nap. Dreams were wild. Now after waking up, I feel energetic and motivated to do my work. My studies haven’t been very productive today, but doing my Anki cards felt definitely less tiring and exhausting than usual. Also, I would say I am noticing a slight increase in my memory and especially short-term brain capacity. So far the results have been rather mild, though.
    I will take a rest day tomorrow and report in the afternoon.


Excellent reporting

Great insight, I progress most with journaling, will have to remember that

I will test run Beyond Limitless before ordering my next custom-to help the synergy of the design.


Thank you Azriel.

I am very eager to read your report :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this. What is in your custom sub?


Everything will become clear in the next days :wink:


Day 4: One loop (Monster Inspiration)

Had problems falling asleep yesterday (even though I took melatonin). My mind was still super active and strategized on new ideas. Dreams also have been SUPER weird and vivid. I literally woke up in the middle of the night, having an “ego death” or dreaming of one. Yet, I woke up at 5:50 today even BEFORE my alarm clock and got up super motivated and ready to work and study.
Today has been one of the most productive days in the past weeks, and it felt “easy”. I was going through my studies and instead of thinking: “Oh shit, how many more topics do they fucking want me to learn more!?”, I easily went through them and said “Oh yeah, 5 topics done, okay nice, let’s do another one”. After 5 hours, I got hit by a wave of exhaustion, however. I did tackle it with some sleeping meditation, more food, and water and it got better after some time. Right now, even though I worked so much I am actually not tired at all which is very unusual for that time.

Also, I have done a “little experiment today”

I am owning a device that can track my state of mind while studying pretty accurately based on my breathing. When the bubble is grey, I was unfocused. When the bubble is yellow, I was focused. And when the bubble is deep yellow, I was in a flow state. I circled the two yellow bubbles. Can you guess when this was? :slight_smile: The one where I was in flow for 40 mins (the blue one) was when I listened to isochronic/binaural beats Theta/Alpha. And the other one, where I was in flow for 33 mins (the one I circled pink) was when I was listening to Beyond Limitless ULTIMA. So BL has actually put me in FLOW state as effective as the isochronic tones while listening!


what device is this i am interested to buy


Quick note about melatonin. A pharmacist explained to me that it doesn’t actually do much to make you tired or even to help you fall asleep. It’s primary function is to reset your sleep clock.

So, it’s good for traveling to different time zones.

It’s not very helpful at all if your bed time fluctuates.

It can be useful if you’ve had fluctuating bedtimes but are trying to get into a more stable routine (same bed time every night).

He could have been full of crap, but I will say, when I’ve taken melatonin, it has never actually done much to help me fall asleep.


@Kaprice He is correct - at least this also what we got taught in medical school.

However, as you pointed out it resets your circadian rhythm and if you use it at the right time your body will calm down, temperature will drop and therefore indirectly help with falling asleep. This is what I experienced myself and I also prescribed it to my grandpa who uses it now regularly and found it immensely helpful for both deep sleep and falling asleep. This is especially so because the older you get the less melatonin you produce.

If you are young and go to bed to at the same time every day, it probably won’t do so much for falling asleep. However, you should tell that you sleep deeper (sometimes also longer). Also, make sure you got a high-quality product. My melatonin has some herbs and Magnesium in it which helps as well.


I bought it over a year ago because I found it fascinating. However, I would not recommend it.


Day 5: Oversleept today but only for 30 mins. Dreams are still crazy (have been dreaming about getting a Lion, playing with him in my garden, and later letting him free cause I feared he would hurt me as I lost control over him). The day started perfect, however, at like 11 am I got hit with extreme exhaustion. Instead of finding rest, I started to procrastinated and actually did not do anything productive since then. I believe reconcilation hit me hard. I knew 4 days in a row is no great idea but I did it to test my headphones. I guess I learned my lesson.


reason to not recommend it?


You must have your iPhone open next to you so that the tracking works. I just find that annoying as it is actually taking away my focus because I often catch myself looking at the bubble if I am in or out of focus right now. Also, I don’t believe having a device with a Bluetooth connection directly on your skin next to your testicles is such a great idea…


Day 5: One loop (Sennheiser + Reference 4 software)

  • Productivity increased again, after taking the rest day where I procrastinated so much. Also even though I was throwing a little party in the afternoon, I was able to do my work with no interrupted thought. Normally, I am always a little bit nervous before such events which hinders me from focusing on my studies. However, today I could really just focus on my work. The biggest thing I noticed was my ability to convey certain information in a charismatic way. I was literally able to change the minds around me by just spreading bread crumbs so that the people I was talking to made their own decisions. People are waking up…

Day 6: Rest day

  • I was partying till late in the morning hours so I only got around 4 hours of sleep. Normally, the day after a party, I am just finished with life and am not able to do anything productive. However, today was VERY different than usual. I woke up fully refreshed and energetic. Instead of doing my usual study schedule, I put my focus somewhere else and set my intention to experiment with some new study system ideas I have been thinking about in the last days. I actually ended up revolutionizing the way I do my medical flashcards AND automate my flashcard creation process. So from now on, I am saving around 1-2 hours EVERY fucking day! And the best thing is, it was only 4 am, so I had still the whole day in front of me. I then finished all my flashcards for the day which I have been procrastinating on in the last days, and still had plenty of time to just relax and have dinner with my family.

Day 7: One loop (Sennheiser + Reference 4 software)

  • I got up today and was actually very proud of myself that I woke before my alarm clock. So I stand up and looked at the clock only to see that I fucking overslept for one hour hahah. Anyway, my motivation did not get harmed by that. I then continued with my newly developed method of doing my flashcards and could actually do them with EASE (cause of the new method) and for 2x-3x the time without pause. I then went for a very soothing walk and entered my deep work block until like 2 pm. What a productive day! And the best thing, I did not feel like I did much work! It was just easy and effortless. Also, I am noticing that my short term memory is definitely improving.


I am developing five things that may or may not be connected to running BL (solo):

  • Insomnia. Normally, I need 3-5 mins to fall asleep and now I am feeling very restless often taking me up to around 20-25 mins to doze off.

  • Dreams are so vivid, long, and realistic that I experience a reality shift after waking up: I have problems differentiating my real life and my dreams before I get up right after awakening. Because my dreams are much logically structured and deal often with social events that would mimic my introspection and conscious experience of such really well.

  • Needing more sleep, instead of seven and a half numbers, nine.

  • Seeing numbers A LOT. Before BL, I also saw a lot of numbers but what is happening now is just crazy. Every time I watch a YT video, I pause or check the time at either 111, 112, 555. Other numbers also include 1111, 1112, 1110, 1313, 1515, and much much more. I would say at least 10-20 numbers a day.

  • Loss of being horny.


@friday I have noticed similar things with BLU. I don’t have insomnia but I definitely want to sleep more. I can’t say I’m less horny. More that I’m not interested at all which could be related to factors not regarding me or the subliminal. More to do with the lack of hygiene and other things of some people my wife and I live with.
For me there is a moral thing in there too. Especially when it comes to something like porn. I may look at it very occasionally if it all and now being 52 I can’t help but think that for most if not all women in that industry I am old enough to be their father.
I caught myself looking at the clock on my phone a bit ago and it was 1:11 . I have no idea if that means anything. Other than that the only things I have noticed is far less desire to be caught up in drama or obvious shit talking


Oh I also find myself wanting to be left alone more.