Into the dark dark yonder - Neurokinetic's custom journal


I didn’t actually want to start a new thread for this buuuuuuuuuut I can no longer move my original journal around. I have been running my first custom for a few days now (modules below). It’s stacked with my stack that I’ve been on for some time now (again, below). My listening pattern is divided between the two days. Half the stack one day, half the stack the other day, and Sundays off.

My stack is:
Day 1
Mind’s Eye T^2
AlchQ st4x2

Day 2
Mind’s Eye T^2
Inner Circle Q
Power Can Corrupt Q
Stark Q

My custom is:
Approachability Aura
Alpha Body Language
Ascended Mogul Q Core
Alpha of Alpha
Carpe Diem Ascended
Divine Will
Intuition Enhancer
Invincible Presence
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Regeneration Q Core
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Submodel Alpha
Blue Skies

I only recently moved up to Mind’s Eye T^2 after using the regular version since release. I had a super vivid dream last night where I was looking after my friend’s monkey (none of my friend’s have a monkey) and things were going awry nonstop. Not sure if that’s significant of anything but it’s worth mentioning that it was an incredibly vivid dream and the first I’ve had in some time (mind’s eye might have something to do with that?). I’ve got more desire to grow and my thinking is WAY more positive. And when I have negative thoughts, I’m very quick to catch them and correct myself.

I’m going to try some no-purpose cold approaches tomorrow, I learned a technique that I can play with that should make it fun.

I ordered a second custom :see_no_evil: This next one is romance/attraction focused and is Terminus strength build. I plan on replace one of the Alch St4 loops with it and swapping my other custom with PCC


Going to start my official “day 1” entry on Monday. Should have my 2nd romance-themed custom sub by then.

Day -2

Today was a good day. I woke up early and got some online course training video done before hopping on a conference call with my network marketing company. Over the years I’ve come to know that my upline/coach was a terrible teacher. Don’t get me wrong, he knows his stuff and I’m sure in sales calls is a very persuasive seller but he lacks any ability to know why he’s good at what he does. Over the course of the call I’d listen to him, the things he was saying, and I’d be able to pick out sections and say “this or that word can be changed” or “this would be better said like this”. I wasn’t taking notes but the call was recorded so I’m going to go over it bit by bit, taking his “scripts” and powering them up with my own persuasion/influence knowledge. The persuasion course I’m going through now, combined with one I was doing before appear to be easily connectable and used together they should yield interesting results going forward. I know as I progress, build, and teach my own teams these powerful techniques that in order for my team to maintain their edge I will have to build some level of secrecy and fraternity around these techniques. I know my upline will surely ask me to train others. I’ve already started coming up with “basic” trainings that would shallowly teach the others who aren’t on my teams. Only giving them the bones of what is truly possible. That said, it would only be necessary IF these skills/strategies turn out to be as powerful as I I think they will be.

I had a date in the afternoon/evening. It went pretty well, we had a really good time. We mostly just walked around adventuring. We flew a kite (sort of), found a cool park and played on the structure. At the end of the date I gave her a hug and sort of half went in for a cheek kiss but bailed out on it at the last minute. As I was going for it I could tell she was sort of moving in the same direction. Honestly, I think if I’d kissed her goodbye she would’ve been into it. We have plans to see each other again Tuesday. In the future I will choose to be more bold about my desires. I will use my language as well as kino to escalate.

Between now and Tuesday I will practice cold approaches and hone the rapport building techniques I’m learning so that Tuesday I can amp up the attraction.


What’s you’re opinion on the use of Terminus ^2 verses Terminus and Q with Minds Eye? And thoughts on Terminus in your custom?


Since starting minds eye^2 I’ve been having more vivid dreams than normal. When I smoke weed I never have dreams but now I’m getting them even when I smoke. It’s worth noting I started my custom around the same time so it might be related to one or the other if not both.

My custom is regular strength currently. I ordered a second custom that will be terminus strength build but haven’t received it yet (probably tonight or tomorrow)


Day -1
Today was an interesting day to say the least. There were a lot of moments that seemed to “sync”. Something would happen that would make me realize a profound conclusion or life direction and then I would see some angel number (222, 321, 12:34, 1111, etc). Writing this now I wish I’d kept a notebook of those discoveries and their corresponding angel numbers. I will have to start keeping a smaller notepad on me for recording these things. It will also be useful for another skill I’m trying to hone (comedy writing), as I can write down amusing ideas/observations to form into jokes when I’m sitting down physically writing material.

Went to a small dinner party at my mom’s house. Kind of a small father’s day thing I guess. Not a lot of people. While I didn’t use the rapport building technique I wanted to practice most (in a group conversation especially I’m not sure how to apply it exactly yet… practice practice practice) but I was VERY outgoing and VERY well spoken. Never overpowering but in clear control of the conversation when I wanted it to me. I was funny and charismatic in a way that felt strange but was assuredly an improvement.

Biked up to a nearby lookout and watched the sunset. Decided I’m going to start exercising more. At minimum a 30 minute bike ride every day. I’m currently ~20lbs above my “ideal” weight. Time get back near that range.


Day 1
Today was a lacklustre day. I got up early, started my stack, watched some news, then ended up falling asleep again and wasting the morning.

After waking up I did more online training courses. I picked up one on reading people (body language, tonality, etc.). It’s been really helpful in identifying what I should be looking for. Soon I will choose to apply these skills with cold approaches. I’m still having trouble pushing myself out the door. That said, today I felt restless. Like “I have to get moving, apply these. Why am I still at home?” thoughts like these kept permeating my consciousness.

I choose to make more effort only watching one video then immediately going out into the world and playing with the techniques. I choose to push through the pain of making seemingly hypnotic persuasion and influence skills as natural to me as breathing by practising the skills.

Recorded an angel number moment earlier. One of the pages posted a poem about how society has taught men to repress their emotions, thus not equipping them with the tools we need to express and deal with them properly. The angel number that popped up was 123 (the number of likes the post had when I came across it).

Along with the angel number book I started a notebook where I can write down joke ideas when they come to me. Wrote my first one down today and am pretty happy with it. Will obviously need to be worked out, written and rewritten but it has definite potential.

Still “patiently” waiting on my second custom. Using my energy to manifest it tonight :wink:



"You have to maintain eye contact beyond the pressure building to induce a trance with your

language. If you can embrace that awkwardness until a trance occurs, suggestions that follow will

be more easily accepted."


“You are loved.”

“You are important.”

“You matter.”


Day 2

Weird day, lots of learning. More synchronicity with angel numbers. I was originally going to cancel on that girl from the other day but then she messaged me and I decided “fuck it” and went. We chilled at her place watching movies and ended up cuddling for most of the second one we watched. After the movies we talked politics and current events for a bit. As great of a conversation as we had, it did nothing for her level of arousal. So we talked and held hands until it was time for me to leave.

When I left at the end of the night I went in for a kiss. It again almost didn’t happen like last time but I decided I had to this time. She kissed back but I could feel some hesitation. When I got home I messaged her “Had a great time, hope I didn’t catch you off guard or cross a line” she replied that she was fine with the kiss but isn’t looking for a relationship (she just got out of a serious relationship). I told her I’m only interested in getting to know her better and see where things go, no need to force it. She seemed okay with that.

Before the kiss we made tentative plans to hang tomorrow after I’m done work. If she messages me when she’s out of her doctor’s appointment then I’ll take that as a green (possibly yellow) light. I’ve been unable to practice my language skills and that creates a lot of pressure in the moment when using the techniques. They say always practice when the stakes are low, unfortunately I’ve had no practice and the stakes are medium height at lowest. But the fact that I went for it, that I sort of escalated, etc. - these are all major wins. I choose to learn to be able to stir up feelings of arousal more comfortably around women. I’m too uncomfortable showing dominance and masculinity in a sexual way. Stepping out of that shell and into a seductive persona is now on the forefront of my list of changes.


Day 3

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Actually I’ve had some trouble sleeping the last few days. I think it’s mostly the heat and nothing to do with the subs though. I set my air conditioner to turn off automatically after 4 hours so it’s not running all night long. Unfortunately I think it gets too hot in my room without it. Will have to just leave it running and see if that helps.

Got a message from the girl saying she couldn’t hang out today. Gonna try not to read too much into it. Will try and get another hang out in a day or two, if she’s flaky or whatever then move on, next.

Got my second sub today. Thanks to a mistake/gift from the universe both a standard power Q version and Terminus version were made. I’m currently listening to the second loop of the standard version and after an hour break I will listen to Terminus (excessive? Maybe. But it’s got catching up to do with the rest of my titles! And I don’t wanna hear any talk about “it doesn’t work that way Neuro”).

I’m definitely feeling more of an urge to get stuff done. Every day I want to go out and talk to people so I can learn communication skills that will open doors to everything I want in life. There is an old saying, I don’t remember where I got it from “Everything you want, someone else already has. You only need to know how to ask them for it.” To achieve anything and everything I need to focus on 2 major steps 1) being able to talk to anybody and everybody, whenever I want. This means actively going out daily and talking to as many strangers as needed until it’s as easy as breathing. 2) After I can talk to anyone, finely tune how I talk to them to ilicit the desired results. These two processes should take no more than 4-6 (TOPS!) with consistent daily action and proper training/coaching.


My Terminus strength attraction sub is the following modules

1. Aura of Craving
2. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
3. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
4. Focused Arousal
5. Instant Seducing Tactician
6. Instant Spark
7. Long-Range Seduction
8. Male Enhancement
9. Seducer’s Gaze
10. Sphaera Magnetica
11. Temptation
12. Gorgeous Manifestor
13. Earthshaker - Sexuality
14. Potentiator
15. Sexiness Unbound
16. Sexual Manifestation
17. Primal Seduction Q Core
18. Sex Mastery XQ Core
19. Auric Overdriver
20. Leader of Men


Day 4
I slept a lot today again, which is odd, because I slept better last night than normal (according to my fitbit tracking). I’m 99% sure smoking weed is causing me to be sleepy/inactive (I can hear a huge resounding “duh” from all the people reading this :stuck_out_tongue:). I plan on quitting soon, before I told myself I was just going to take a break but as I write this I feel that maybe I’ll make it something more permanent. We shall see. I’m smoking the rest of what I have and then stopping. I actually decided that sometime ago but it turned out I had more than I estimated. But definitely by the end of the weekend I’ll be all out and I choose to own my decision to be sober when that time comes.

I’ve all but gone through an entire online influence course but have yet to apply any of what I learned.

“There is a myth that knowledge is power. Not so. Knowledge is only power with action - when it’s applied. Knowledge needs energy, movement, force. Otherwise why know it at all?”

I’m using self work techniques to encourage myself to get out and talk to people. These techniques involved “rewiring” the subconscious mind. I choose to make the most of this summer and take advantage of the weather whilst I can. I can and will master these techniques.

I deleted Facebook off my phone because I felt too distracted and like I was wasting too much time on it. It feels good to cut that tether.


Update on how I’m running my titles just so I can have it all in one place

I alternate stacks every day with Sundays off

My stack is:

Day 1
Mind’s Eye T^2
AlchQ st4
Inner CircleQ
Custom1 (wealth/status)

Day 2
Mind’s Eye T^2
Power Can Corrupt Q
Stark Q Terminus
Custom2 (Romance/Attraction)

My 1st wealth/status custom is:

  1. Approachability Aura
  2. ARES
  3. Alpha Body Language
  4. Ascended Mogul Q Core
  5. Alpha of Alpha
  6. Atman
  7. Carpe Diem Ascended
  8. Divine Will
  9. Intuition Enhancer
  10. Invincible Presence
  11. Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
  12. RAIKOV
  13. Regeneration Q Core
  14. Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
  15. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  16. Submodel Alpha
  17. Sultan
  18. Unlimiter
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Blue Skies

My romance/attraction sub is the following Modules:
(note: this custom is Terminus strength)

  1. Aura of Craving
  2. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
  3. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  4. Focused Arousal
  5. Instant Seducing Tactician
  6. Instant Spark
  7. Long-Range Seduction
  8. Male Enhancement
  9. Seducer’s Gaze
  10. Sphaera Magnetica
  11. Temptation
  12. Gorgeous Manifestor
  13. Earthshaker - Sexuality
  14. Potentiator
  15. Sexiness Unbound
  16. Sexual Manifestation
  17. Primal Seduction Q Core
  18. Sex Mastery XQ Core
  19. Auric Overdriver
  20. Leader of Men

NK Ultima test results

Day 5
Another inactive day but more learning and feeling of encouragement to take action. My limits are being removed one by one. I’ve noticed that I’m consciously bringing up memories of my successes (especially romantic ones) to overwrite my programming by having me believe I can through past proof.

I purchased a Neurorhythm machine. It’s supposed to use a magnetic pulse to stimulate certain brainwaves. I used it in “theta meditation” mode while meditating on my wealth/status sub and then put it on “enhanced learning” mode while watching more online courses and listening to my stack. Both seemed to have some decent effect. During my meditation I was able to stay present much easier than normal, while watching the videos I felt a slightly higher level of focus and concentration.

My desire to watch porn has pretty much gone away. I don’t know why but over the last few days I’ve watched porn twice. It should be mentioned that the desired subsided before I started my second custom. I thought the sex titles might cause me to go into sexual overdrive - which it actually has. I’m by all means not not horny. I’ve been rock hard out of the blue (well not really, some of my online influence/persuasion courses are attraction based so the material sometimes gets… vivid) but still for whatever reason didn’t decide to watch porn. Before I used to watch/masturbate 3-4 times a day (give or take), now that feeling has subsided to “you’re still the same level of horny, but save it for the girls”.

Slowly moving away from being unproductive. Right now in a state of productive unproductivity - doing things are not really accomplishing anything but also not wasting a tonne of time either… an interesting little limbo. The countdown begins to massive action. When will it be? Tomorrow? The next day? Maybe neither of those days, maybe the 3rd or 4th day. One of these days, one day soon.


Day 0 (again)

I’m back! For the last two weeks I’ve been taking part in the Ultima tests so all my entries from that can be found here:

The reward for the test was a shiny new custom subliminal and 10 modules. I licensed an extra 10 modules on top of the free ones (total 20). Since this new one was totally free (minus the extra 10 modules I licensed myself) - I decided to go nuts and make this a T^2 title. I call it my esoteric booster custom. The build is the following modules:

  1. Alchemist ST4 Core

  2. Khan ST4 Q Core

  3. StarkQ Core

  4. Direct Influencing Aura

  5. Intensity Aura

  6. Energetic Development XI

  7. Current Invoker

  8. Deep Sleep

  9. Joie de Vivre

  10. Jupiter

  11. Mosaic

  12. Omnidimensional

  13. Overdrive

  14. Pragya

  15. Spiritual Abundance

  16. Spiritual Reality Alignment

  17. Tyrant

  18. The Merger of Worlds

  19. The Forge

  20. The Architect

Today was a no stack day, but I ran one loop of Sanguine Ultima and one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima. After running BLU I had the urge to work on music, my first time working on music in weeks - so that’s definitely something. I only worked on it for half an hour but hey, better than nothing, right?

Tomorrow I will run my regular day 1 stack again. Let’s rock this :sunglasses:


Day 1
Today was a busy day. I woke up and was super tired. After waking up I turned on my stack and basically went back to sleep with my stack and the news (Morning Joe) on in the background. I got, got ready and went to go help a friend with something. After I was done helping her I asked what she was doing later in the afternoon, she said nothing. I happened to have organized a mastermind group for emotional awareness and state control so I invited her to come along. She hung out and ran a few errands with me then we went to the workshop. It was a really good thing that I invited her because out of the 4 other people that were supposed to show up, only 1 did.

Teaching the workshop was interesting, it was my first time teaching this material. Even though it was a little awkward and I kind stumbled through a lot of it - both participants really got a lot out of what I taught them. It was really encouraging to go through it with them and watch them experience various emotions and levels of state control. One thing I did notice was I was making really good, strong eye contact. More than I normally do in conversations. The real challenge was maintaining good eye contact with both people and not jumping back and forth too rapidly.

Super exhausted after such a busy day but feeling pretty great about everything :smiley:


Day 2
Oh man, today I was exhausted. There could have been many reasons for this. Yesterday was my first day on my incredibly dense stack. It was also a way more active day than normal, by the end of last night I was completely drained. It might also have been an acute case of dehydration. Lastly, I started a new medication this morning - an antibiotic that I will be taking for the next 6 weeks. Any of these could have contributed to me feeling tired/burnt out, regardless today was the sleepiest I’ve been since I quit smoking weed.

Despite the sleepiness I did manage to get a few menial tasks done, as well as some reading. I feel a push to be more productive but I’m also feeling pulled back by the exhaustion so I teeter back and forth between being productive and watching Netflix/Youtube.

Lastly, I was super hungry today. I ate more today than normal.

It definitely seems like my body is in dire need of more energy.


Day 3
Okay so today is actually the morning of day 4. I was so exhausted when I got home last night that I didn’t have the energy to come make a journal entry. I’m glad for that though because now I have even more to say!!

Let’s start out with the day’s events:
I spent most of the day yesterday at home. I was again, super exhausted. During the summer I participate in a “flow arts” group. If you don’t know what flow arts is, go look up “poi” on Youtube (I do poi, myself, but there are people who use staffs, hoops, rope darts, etc.). Earlier in the afternoon the girl who essentially runs the local flow group (also a girl I was sleeping with last year) messaged me. Most of the contents of message are unnecessary to mention here. A girl that I thought nothing was happening with apparently messaged HER and told her we were seeing each other casually (again, I hadn’t seen or even really spoken to this girl in a MONTH). This was surprising but not unwelcome news to get from a former lover lol

Then later at the actual flow group I had a great time. I ran Beyond Limitless Ultima earlier in the day, with the hope that it would give me a boost for practising poi. I can’t say I learned anything overly fast, but I was definitely WAY more concentrated on learning new moves than normal. There was a girl there who is super attractive but I was definitely more concentrated on learning. I caught her focusing on me a couple of times, if she shows up next week I’ll pursue it a little further. One of my other friends who was there was basically following her around like a lost puppy. I almost felt bad for the guy, totally being supplicate and it was obvious.

Got home, had a work zoom call, ate dinner and then read for 20-30 minutes before I decided it was time for bed.

I. HAD. THE. CRAZIEST. DREAM. LAST. NIGHT. Dream recall is not one of my strongest suits. I’ve repeatedly thought about keeping a dream journal but up until now I haven’t maintained one with any degree of regularity. In the dream I had telekenetic powers. No mind reading (sad face) but I could move stuff with my mind. I was being hunted for having powers and had to hide/escape my hunters. I didn’t feel fear when hiding, mostly felt like I was outwitting my would-be attackers. The thing that REALLY stuck out is that after I woke up and wen to sleep, it would be the same dream. I woke up and fell asleep probably 3-4 times throughout the night (not wholly unusual) and every time I went to sleep I had the same dream.


Oh also, I got an email last night saying my Q order was complete. Imagine how excited I was to think I was about to get my new T^2 custom subliminal. But what’s this? No download link?? After looking a bit further, the order that had been marked “complete” was my order for the 10 extra modules I licensed for my free custom and NOT for the custom that is the next friggin order. I assume this means my custom is next in line and I should be getting it sometime today but MAN that broke my heart a little hahaha


My Fitbit sleep tracking from last night (one of the best “sleep scores” I’ve gotten - 84):

The only time I had a better sleep score in the past 3 weeks is when I took melatonin