Interesting Experience on Limitless for Focus, in Stark Q vs Emperor Q Vs QLQ

So I have been studying for my exams,

I was initially just on Stark Q, but i noticed that my focus would jump around. 30% on actual study and 70%% elsewhere.

Then I switched to QLQ S4 ( I have been through all three previous stages), here i also noticed that my focus would jump around almost similar to as it did on stark.

Yesterday, I switched to EQ, and my o my! my focus was completely on my studies.I was up all night. I was tired as fuck! but i did not get up from my table until i was done! Right after i finiished i passed out.


Probably because the information at hand wasn’t interesting enough for you to passionately focus on, second of al Quantum Limitless Stage 4 is an incredibly dense subliminal and takes more then a few hits on each stage to reach it’s fullest potential.

Furthermore it’s worthwhile mentioning that Emperor gives you great discipline and drive to work on your desired goals, this is probably what you’ve experienced.

I appreciate you sharing this, so that we can all learn and grow an understanding of all the available subliminal programs here at Subliminal Club.