Inaction in a stage make it ineffective?


A big part of the SC subliminals is taking action. I’m currently on st3 of EoG. Admittedly I took very little action in the first two stages. What effect does this have on the stages ability to root itself into my subconscious? On ST3 I have noticed myself taking more action, though whether that’s because of the subliminal or because I’ve blown through all my savings in the last few months and now only have a few hundred dollars to my name, I can’t be sure.

Over the last few days I’ve read several testimonials about people getting the kind of results I’ve been hoping for from Emperor in as much as 10 days. I have Emperor but when I was running it I had it in a stack. I was wondering if my lack of action in ST 1 and 2 of EoG makes them less effective and, in turn, makes st 3 less effective. If that’s the case, might it be a better course of action for me to hold off and run emperor solo for a month, then come back to the multistages (I own both Khan and EoG) once I’m getting the financial results that I need right now? Or will the two months of running the other stages without action have done enough to make st3 the best course of action?

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It was the same for me as well as almost everyone journaling about their multi stage experience it seems. Whether EoG or Khan.

I will say though, actions do not need to be anything major. Just something to consciously and confirm the suggestions your subconscious is receiving. For instance in my case coming to almost the end of EoG ST2, I did a lot of cleaning up and organizing just my life in general (including my office) in ST1.

And then in ST2 literally the least amount of physical action I have taken in a months time in my life,ever. Though in hindsight I did a lot of contemplation and even though it wasn’t fun - as in it felt like depression or apathy or I have been going about everything wrong - I can now see I gained a ton of clarity on my path to wealth going forward from here.

Now if ST3 can just kick me into major action :joy:


Ditto. The experiences between Khan and EoG are quite different in those early stages. EoG seems to be a much more cerebral and passive experience. Running both of them gives me ups and downs, but the tie-breaker comes from me. Like you, I took less action, so the passive won out.

The action-step helps reinforce and strengthen the programming the sub does. If you take no action, the subs will still get the program in place, possibly over a longer time. The danger is that it’s possible to take action, just the wrong kind of action. If you work against the programming, it will take longer still.

I am not worried. Stage 1 & 2 are mostly about internal changes. I know changes will come and am counting on a more active ST3. And if nothing else, ST4 should repeat the early stages as well.


I think the reason you see more results from emperor than eog is because eog is multistage and every stage is for a different reason. There arent many people on st3-4 yet while emperor is going straight for the results


I have never had fast results from subs. I take those super fast extreme results as anomalies.

I was useless in ST1 and ST2, and got most of my successes and “good luck” breaks in ST3.

Consider that in ST1 and ST2 you were taking internal action, and now in ST3, you’re taking external action.

EoG ST3 would serve you better than Emperor. You already are stabilizing that programming. Don’t just jump into something else and reduce the effects.

EoG is about money. ST3 is about action. That’s what you need. Listen more :slight_smile: