Improv comedy module

An improv comedy module would be relevant for improv comedy but also for general quick wittedness in the realm of seduction and in life in general.

Improv comedy teachers are often brought in to give workshops in corporate environments and some pick up teachers have taught improv skills to be integrated into PUA technique.

Personally I believe this would be more generally useful than, say, a stand-up comedy module as it is more applicable and useful in day to day life.



Its a great idea! What Ive always loved about comedians, be it improv comedy or stand up, its their ability to reframe any given experience and look at it from the most unexpected and weird points of view, that gets you to laugh.

That ability is really important in seduction as it is in healing and learning. Its a great way to change your state of consciousness.

Being quick witted is a sign of intelligence and in my experience many woman love it.

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I would love to see a module that could explore my verbal capacity…something like improv comedy…stand -up comedy…or anything in that nature will be great…and I am willing to try it myself…

Read Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin Helitzer. I don’t know why, but every time I read it, I start seeing more funny in everyday life. I could find the funny in a funeral by now.

Another neat thing about it is that it explain what exactly humor is. Quite interesting, since it is actually a bit of a negative thing at its core.

It’s been suggested in the Q modules thread by the way, and I definitely support it. Improv is a life skill, perfect for dealing with all kinds of situations.

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I think if someone can see this from a certain point of view, this becomes a module concept that is useful in just about any context.

Improv comedy is essentially being creative with whatever minimal means you are given.

I guess I might limit it by calling it an “improv comedy” module when the idea of improvisation might be a better concept to organize the idea around.

With that being said, I think organizing a module around comedic creativity could also be hugely useful.