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Hello Subliminal Club followers. My name is Prabhat and I’ve been using Khan,Alchemist and StarkQ for a month now.I play all of them 24/7 at once.
The changes are good; Loud voice, No Hesitancy, … looks like I am brainwashed for a good change.
Recently though, A lot of weird things, (sexual) have started happening with me.
Getting my little brother flashed to neighbors twice while yanking…
I am afraid, I’ll enter into incest unwillingly and wouldn’t want,like that to happen.
I’m requesting Saint Sovereign and creators to give some direction on what’s actually in the script.
Let the forever fans see some of the magical script.
Thank YVM!

Just so I understand you, “little brother” is an euphemism for your genitals, right?

SubClub subs do not “force” anyone to do things unwillingly.

Trade secrets bro, but I’ll tag @SaintSovereign so he can you give his input.

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This is a densely layered sandwich of confusion for me


Prepares by stretching neck and wrists and doing a few mental exercises


So, instead of telling you what is in the script, why not tell you what’s NOT in the script. Like incestuous thoughts or actions.

Next, no SubClub sub will make you do things “unwillingly”. You are not “brainwashed.” They offer ideas and concepts that your mind can think about and use to improve your life. And considering item #1 above, they would not offer this particular idea at all.

On the other hand, there are parts of you that don’t want you to change because it means they are no longer necessary. Those parts will fight for their survival. And they may give you some crazy ideas and do their best to make you think it is the subliminals instead in order to make you choose to stop listening.

You need to realize this is a last resort of a starving limiting habit/belief inside of you.

You already know what you don’t want, obviously. So when crazy thoughts like that pop up, observe, then let them go. You choose your direction, not the constant flow of thoughts in your head.

Finally, you are running 2 multi-stages and one of the densest single stages - in all likelihood built with Q - 24/7 for a month. Odds are this is your first time using SubClub subs.

As harsh as this may be, I’d say you only have yourself to blame for “weird things” at this point.


Okay, deep breath… Count to 10… There, better.

Read The ForuM (RTFM) to figure out how to listen to (Q-)subs responsibly.

And now for my usual attempt at injecting humor into my postings:

Run Emperor for a month on its own. It should help you move out of the house, away from the family, so you will no longer be tempted. Problem solved! :wink:




You do know there’s an official meme thread in Emperor’s lounge right?

Say WHAT now?
The good sub producers, the ones who are doing more than just covering generic affirmations with nature sounds all keep their scripts and methods proprietary. And for very good reason. They are in business to make money. They do that by offering a product that does something better than their competition. If they let everyone know how they did that, they wouldn’t have the advantage anymore.

I just realized we’re all missing the point…


The Alchemical Stark Khan Stop Showing Off His D… Little Brother :banana: