Importance of Days Off || Review


Now I see why @SaintSovereign puts emphasis on taking breaks. Right now, parts of emperor that didn’t process due to not completely aligning with the script now is, it’s such a weird experience… my head is light, and the script is becoming ingrained into my subconscious…

Also experience the urge to play the sub which I’ll ignore, will wait for tomorrow. The world that’s now opening up is limitless, will write a complete sub club review soon.

Minor teaser;

I’m now attracting very feminine women and repealing females that aren’t. Some even question if they’re right for me, and they point out what my type is, which are women of high caliber than them.

Down to one girl, had to drop the rest cause they don’t make sense anymore… she’s all about me, cares truly about me, and wants what’s best for us.

Opportunities are endless, I definitely see myself becoming a multi millionaire this year.

Spiritually, meditation is way better than any other year I’ve been.

Slowly building a habit to gym.

Stronger bond with family.

Mood overall is great, no longer emotional in a negative way, this is caused by my Moon being in Pisces, it’s a fucking drag, had to learn how to balance my emotions.

Sex, I’m a beast, yet to test Diamond sex but so far the Ultima is a digital viagra. Also noticed how my flaccid gained 2 inch, whole dick still the same thou, for now I guess.

I no longer stress about money, all I think about now is how do I create/buy assets that put money into my pocket.

I’m now focused on building networks more than ever, starting to become more social.

Patience is something acquired while listening to the sub.

It’s me above everyone now.

The biggest change is seeing a world of abundance instead of a scarcity, in all areas of my life, especially finance and women.

Caught myself asking “how do I limit my risk?” to a venture I’d like to pursue, I’m now thinking like a wealthy person.

I have no problem cutting people off if they no longer bring value to my life.

Learning became a hobby, I now lose track of time because of it.


For how long have you run Emperor?


About a year


Are you still running Emperor ?
Do you intend to switch to Khan still?

Rest days have made a massive difference for me, I cut into my rest day and it cost me.


That’s really wonderful.
Thank you for your post


For how long have you been on a break from Emperor?


I get this too on my rest days. I ignore it and then results start to appear.

Isn’t it weird?! You’d think it would align by playing the sub, not by resting.

WOW! Lots of achievements! I read your list twice!



You two might have things to discuss!


Yes, I will switch to Khan in 3 months from now.


At the start of the lockdown, switched to Primal, manifested a relationship that taught me a lot and forced me to grow up and think like an adult. I’m 23 btw


Would you please elaborate?

What all did you learn?

In what ways did you grow up and think like an adult?


Dope, I’m looking to hit the year mark on Emperor as well
2-3 months from now.

So you time line is you ran Emperor for a year
switched to primal during lock down around 8 months ago (or you added Primal to Emperor?)
now your running Emperor for 3 months without primal and then will go to khan


Yes, it’s something like that. I first ran Emperor 2 years back, it proved too much for me. I stoppped, then last year Jan, ran Emperor till March 25, from then I ran Primal for a whole month, then I dropped it and solely focused on Emperor as a Major till now.


I went crazy and ignored the recommended loops and days off and still got some results but probably not as much as I could have. I am doing the days off and so far it has made a difference. Starting tomorrow I am going back to run just one stage of one title so ad not to overwhelm myself or stonewall. A big thing I have learned from integrating days off is to be more patient. Even when I don’t want to be


More results come with persistence to one program, you cannot change your life overnight. What you can do, however, is commit to something and bear the fruits from the momentum you’ve gained through that commitment.

The most profound results with Subliminal’s are gained in the long-term, which does not mean a short-term Subliminal effort cannot have exceptional effects on your being, which is definitely the case with the wonderful Programs created here at Subliminal Club. That being said, imagine the unbelievable results one gains after a ludicrous amount of exposure to a stack aligned with conscious goals and devoting oneself to that.

Rest days are important but more so is acknowledging the fact that balance is key and overdoing on the loops will only bring unnecessary havoc. Slow and steady growth will eventually pay off… trust me on that one.


I learned that once in a relationship there a second party involved. Used to be a shitty communicator, I barely even tried, but quickly learned the communication is the most important thing in any relationship, whether it be business, family etc.

Became responsible, especially with mistakes, I owned up to them and showed changed behavior. Went from thinking only long term, to thinking short, medium and long term.

Learned that if I want something from a relationship, for instance unconditional love, I first had to give it.

I now love without attachment and learned what qualities to look for when choosing a partner and what to avoid.

My ideal version of family was formed because of it.

Healed from past trauma like losing my mom 2 years back, she was 39, it deeply affected me and the fact that I didn’t spend much time with her threw me off the rails. And how my dad was in jail most of my life and when he came out, he became a deadbeat, doesn’t know my age, my birthday or who I am. Became a better father.

And most importantly, I learned how costly self sabotage was to me and now it’s a thing of the past.


This is really profound!

You should :champagne: and congratulate yourself every time you look into the mirror!

Thank you for writing all this! I hope others benefit from what you just posted!


(long post coming)

Dude, I think our minds work VERY similar… now I haven’t been taken any time off because I dont wanna lose the high and I feel the urge to be even better, I honestly dont understand how to take a day off lol

I run ultrasonic on repeat while I sleep and a few loops during the day while working where I can

Im currently running Emperor + Primal Seduction Iron Throne + Stark all Q, I have been running these none stop for easily 5 months before that, I spent the first couple months over a year ago doing the healing, dealing with past abuse/traumas and stuff… then ran Accession + Emperor build-up after for a while I didn’t feel till one day I was talking to someone and Bam I was like Motherfucker it worked.

Someone recommended your post based on one of mine, where I was wondering about Emperor Ultima or an Emperor + Stark Terminus or Ultima to help get more loops in a day, to get the maximum impact.

from reading your post there, I’m slapping myself because of its CRAZY similar…

Im attracting any women I talk to, if there feminine it just happens even tho I try to stop it due to lack of interest in them. I have been very interested in a woman who is the opposite for a long time (friend-zoned HARD) she describes herself as “the one who wears the pants in the relationship”, but since starting Emperor I have found that we flirt a lot and are even considering giving it ago after lockdown. While on a call she was very drunk and basically said the same as you have found, asked me what my type was then said “I dont know if I’m right for you”… but we still flirt since, I want to make it work with her I do like her a lot.

I strive to be 1000% more than I currently am as well… the money side also, I am currently unemployed in Tech (Security), finding it hard to get a job a current, I’ve been told that I’m intimidating on my skill and presence by a recruiter… so one day I just clicked fuck il start my own company, I am currently in the process of setting up my own company…

Early lockdown I had some savings saved up from my old job, instead of saving my mind went overdrive and over a weekend I learned day trading by myself, I have since turned my original investment in stocks of $150 into $3500 in my first month, which is going towards starting my new company and also allowing me to continue to hold shares in multiple industries I’m interested in…

If I’m not moving forward I feel like I’m going to explode or if I dont do something I feel like I want to punch myself in the face…

I haven’t experienced any physical changes… I’m still fat as hell, and I have not gained anything below the belt but I want to change that, I crave to change it… I also have issues sleeping or finding enough time in the day to do what I want to do

Same with cutting people off, big time if I feel like they holding me back I just dont want to talk to them, for example, a friend of mine who drinks ALOT and smokes ALOT I have basically cut off even tho I am the godfather to his child, I just felt it was no benefit to me anymore. Other friends said I can be very cold but open logically cold

Mentally I feel more solid, I do feel like I have slipped some days but other I feel strong and powerful like the world belongs to mine…

I have gone from being terrified of my own shadow a few years ago to doing Public Speaking engagements and just love being social (even online because of covid). Alot of my fears have begun to disappear the last while, like my fear of rejection is gone, fear of heights gone I am craving to parachute after covid… some fears due to past traumas are more stubborn but I will get there one day

Since we are similar I am 100% open to any suggestions you can provide me


“Me, too. The more wrong I am for you, the hotter it is.” That’s a paraphrase I got from “That 70s Show”.

Subliminal Club is a life changer.


How many loops of Emperor Q are you running daily?