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After experimenting with some more advanced concepts and upon being given the opportunity to work with tools that align with my model of adapting to desired reality and superior way of being, it’s time to employ all what I’ve learnt about myself on my subliminal journey and all what has been applied to the newest tech. Now when the tech promises to adapt to you and facilitate your adaptation to the reality you’re bound to create and to the superior being you’re bound to transform into, when the universe manifests experiences that are to reaffirm the new reality and your superior being, when perceptual shifts constitute awakenings that are the main tool opening your primordial wisdom treasured in the depths of the subconscious mind, it’s time to try to make the most of what’s at my disposal, when it comes to my resources (time, money) and abilities, and aim it at my three main goals: financial independence, getting fit/healthier and the art of seduction mastery. It’s time for Imperial Seduction.

On the 20th of November I decided to follow my passion and hone my writing skills, hoping to become a great writer. Therefore, I added Ultimate Writer X to my stack.

On the 27th on November I decided to run Emperor and Wanted Black only as both subs are the best subs I’ve ever run and they offer what I need most when it comes to developing as the man I want to unlock in me.


I ran one loop of Emperor in the morning and it’s already tackled two of my old, core issues, that is escapism - being divorced with reality - and defeatism - thinking I’ve already lost. I indulged in those old issues for around one minute, questioning the point of my very existence, and then I started ridiculing them and me indulging in them and I told myself" “I fight!” in a voice I had never heard before since there was strength and conviction in it. On top of that, I understood that now people will be reacting to me differently (compared to Stark) and I need to use conscious guidance to ease into my new state of being and reality. It’s about reminding myself how Emperor thinks, behaves and reacts. It’s not about obsessing about it but just minding it.


Last night I went to a party thrown out by one of my colleagues. The manager got pretty drunk and she told me she had been wondering whether I was married. Later on she said that the ladies at work were wondering about me and considered me cute.
Some of my very young female students (5-6 y.o.) told me: I love you teacher lol If it had been once or twice only I wouldn’t be mentioning that but it’s peculiar and that’s why I’m logging it. SSX at work?

The new Emperor is different. It doesn’t make me cold, distanced, intense and formidable, it makes me light, flexible and unhindered as if I was water adapting to the environment with strength. The very first night after starting Emperor, I had a dream where the main theme was “adapt or die”. That very sentence got imprinted into my mind in that dream.


Yesterday I carried out a presentation for the customers at work, and the manager was taking part in it. I didn’t prepare for that presentation at all (just used a template they use at the company) since I got informed about that too late yet I showed high level of expertise as a language teacher and educator and the customers (and the manager) were delighted. It lasted two hours and all of it was my improvising all the time. I was powerfully confident and that experience seems to have added to my general confidence. It really looks like this experience reaffirmed a part of the scripting propelling a major shift in my subconscious mind. Later on, before going to bed I had a revelation on how the natural confidence we’re born with got destroyed in me by my father when I was a kid, and how I’ve changed in that matter becoming a confident and effective man.

I’m considering choosing one of two paths when it comes to skills development, programming or writing, and aiding it with the right sub.

Today I’ll be going to the gym for the first time in over six years. I’ve been postponing it for months yet I’m going today.

I’ve decided to add UWX to my stack as I’m going to follow my passion and become a great writer.

The very first result of adding UWX:


I’ve grown internally quite a lot since I started running Emperor. Apart from my resilience improvement, I’m also just more solid, stronger inside, getting sings of submission from women, and men trying to… who knows what actually, since to me it looks like attempts to soothe their insecurities my presence triggers in them. They try to cope with that by laughing behind my back, or even spitting behind my back, slowing down to block my way or any silly crap. lol If these are their ways to show who is more alpha, my congratulations lol Even men older than me (I’m 40 y.o.) try to do that. That’s pathetic and disappointing, really. It would have bothered me in the past, but not anymore. I’m unperturbed. Jotting it down here as it’s a change caused by the sub nonetheless, even though it’s not really worthy of mentioning.

Some of those internal changes have been achieved thanks to my introspection. I’ve changed my perspective on a lot of things that happened to me in the past. The only recon I’ve been getting recently takes the form of self-doubt, but it’s really slight and fleeting.

Those inner changes are quite taxing. Therefore, I was much less energetic than usual today. I guess I need more sleep and water.

I’ve decided to take a day off to see whether I’m not a bit overexposed/overloaded.
I listen to my stack every day.

Today (on my sub-off day), I do feel more energetic, yet it’s still below my norm. The results seem to be more pronounced and stable, though.

It’s the second day I’m off the subs. The results are even more stable yet the recoiling (aka fleeting recon) is a bit more intense. On top of that, the whole processing has got even more taxing on me. I’ll be switching to listening to my stack every other day now, when I see how more potent the NSE is.

I’ll be taking on more day off as the processing is still quite taxing on me and I’ve been experiencing slight brain fog recently. So that will be 3 days off the subs in total for the time being.


It’s my third day off, and I’ve been feeling as if I had carried Fury in my body for the whole day. It is a strange, primordial power that urges me to follow my path, no matter what. Totally under my control.

Last night, I woke up for a few seconds, feeling as if different places in my body were burning with a kind of anxiety.

Today I’m getting great results when it comes to Emperor and UWX. I haven’t had any opportunity to see how SSX is working for me women-wise yet.

I’ve decided to go back to running WB. I’ll be replacing SSX and UWX with it. WB should complement Emperor really nicely when it comes to social and seduction skills, and also the overall growth as a man.

I’ve found that SSX is great when already interacting with women so having a social circle or a job/business where you talk to women on a daily basis or if your lifestyle already included socializing with them like travelling is essential.

That’s why I’m switching to WB. I need to build my social connections (circle), and a lifestyle based on talking to women on a daily basis (excluding my workplace, naturally).


I ran my stack yesterday. WB in the morning and Emperor just before going to bed. Today is my day off as I decided to listen to my stack every other day due to the power the new tech offers. I may reduce the frequency even further depending on the effects.

Yesterday women were more responsive to me and one of them, even though she was waking before me, turned her head back and greeted me. No my type though. My energy level and mood were heightened and I vibed with people around quite a lot. Moreover, I had to eat one more meal than usual since I got pretty hungry in the evening.

Today I woke up feeling a bit groggy. I slept 9 hours. Let’s see what happens today.


Early in the game now, but how does NEmp and WB feel together???

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We need to take into account that I rarely go out to “hunt” and that I’m in a sexually conservative country (Vietnam) and that, obviously, there’s the language barrier since most of the people don’t speak English. Therefore, it’s much harder to get laid than in the West. However, last evening I went to a language exchange meeting and the results were quite good. It was so easy and natural to socialize. Three women approached me by themselves.

One of them got discouraged by the guy sitting next to me who would go on about feminism, mostly ignoring the woman, so she got shut in, although she liked the way I complimented her looks indirectly.

The next one was the meeting organizer. We spoke for a while. The topic was just foreign languages but I complimented her looks in a crafty way and she asked me where I was living and wanted me to be very specific about that, she also also asked me about the kind of apartment I’m living in. Then she suggested she could set up a one-day trip for the people in the group and asked me if I was willing to join them in.

Then that 18 y.o. girl (I’m 40) approached me and we spoke about quite a lot of stuff. Then she said it was late and she didn’t plan to stay so long and she needed to call her mom to tell her she was going to be late and why. I just said “hello” to the mum. Then she stayed a bit longer than she told her mum. Before leaving she asked me for my Instagram but since I don’t have an account, we exchanged our phone numbers.

The interacting was natural since WB unlocked my seduction archetypes (natural and charmer) but what was different than my “norm” was I subtly communicated my interest in them (mostly subconsciously by my body language: the way I gazed at them, the way I was facing them) and that alone did the trick (attracted them to me even more). All the three were Vietnamese. I just let the flow go without thinking about approaching or seducing women. It just happened naturally as if it had been meant to happen.

To answer your question directly, I didn’t see much of the difference between the first version of WB and the current one when it comes to external results (women approach me and speak up to me on both versions). The main difference is the current version unlocks my seductive side more obviously making my “seduction intent” more obvious and effective, and all of that feels more natural.


Recently, my stack has been removing my internal blockages related to manhood and sexuality gradually, helping me get more and more aligned with who I truly am and tapping into my natural potential regarding being a resilient and highly introspective man (Emperor) and natural charmer (WB). I’ve never felt so comfortable, solid, self-assured and well-settled in my own self. My stack unlocks certain sphere of my subconscious mind that is guiding me towards my completeness and my potential unquestionable and undeniable fulfillment thanks to introspecting and taking the minimal amount of action like just working on my projects and going out to socialize. The process is truly liberating and leaving me in the awe of myself and the tools that were given to me to break the shackles of self-imposed limitations and clear up all the negative influences I’ve got subjected to against my will and without my awareness.


Thanks to my stack I’ve got even better clarity when it comes to my self-introspection. I see more clearly than ever how I tick and thanks to that I have better control of myself when it comes to my reactions and behaviour. I feel this process is ongoing and there’s much more stuff to be fathomed. Moreover, I got new insights on my little brother suicide, insights that have made me stronger and… more defined. I’ve seen a similar process on the older ZP tech yet that self-definition wasn’t anything close to what it is now. I believe that that self-definition is the first step on the path ZP offers and further results strongly depend on this very stage.

The self-definition process is getting more profound and clear. I’ve got much better understanding of my real self, my potential, natural gifts, and path. It looks like that thanks to that the results are just pouring out of me as the communication between my Zero Point and reality is fluent and unhindered by the things that used to block what I’m really capable of. All of it is as natural as breathing. I’ve never though I could ever be what I’ve become, and still I see that’s it’s just the beginning of… aligning my reality with my authentic and unique Zero Point.

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