Ignition phase - Godlike Masculine Ascension

This is the first phase of my journey. It is the starting, the lift off, the beginning. Next step will be taking direction and gaining momentum (more focused custom)

My cores are (sadly without limitless executive)

Godlike Masculinity

Modules are the following:
Lion IV
Serum X (maybe not a perfect fit)
SPS Cardio (maybe not a perfect fit)
Carpe Diem
Organisation perfect
Productivity unleashed
Unrelenting energy
The boundary
Joie de vivre
Deep sleep
Harmonic singularity

So not everything is perfect but I wanted some modules in that I would not make an extra custom for.

Goal is to be more focused, productive, claiming my own time, saying no to distractions or unproductive tasks.

I don’t want to “fill my day with content” while I get driven by outside influences/responsibilities. As soon as I get that more organized, handled and get rid of pleasure distractions and replacing them with productive pleasure (getting energy back instead of going into laziness if you know what I mean).

Feel free to give feedback on the chosen modules, I might change it in the future in small ways if necessary.
After a few days (2x listening 1 loop of 15 min) I don’t feel much, no crazy change but now that I think of it, there is a developing drive to get more organized (to do lists) without a bad attached feeling (I have to do list) but with a freedom of choice (overview of open tasks list).


That’s an interesting choice (Ascension and GLM). I’m thinking about doing Ascension as well, even though I don’t feel any need to be more “alpha”. It’s more about the things you mentioned so becoming more focused on the goals that are essential for my growth and having that drive to achieve them.

It would be great if you added some cognitive boost to it in the form of cognitive enhancement modules or by just adding Limitless Executive (as a stand-alone) to your custom creating a nice stack.

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When I read that I immediately thought of “Virtue Series: Temperance – turn your scarcity mindset into a mindset of wise abundance, and develop true understanding of delayed gratification.”

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Yes, I was thinking of adding Limitless Executive, but not this cycle yet because I want to see what comes from the custom and what is missing.

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Wow, somehow I didn’t see that one, thanks, looks like a very good addition.

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Ok, I added Limitless Executive as separate program to my stack now, but I will keep it with 2 titles max. Listened on 3rd listening day now for 15 min each loop in the evening because as others also noticed, recon might kick in (my head felt a bit dizzy afterwards, like too much input at that time) and I have the night to sleep the recon out and be fit for the next day :wink:

Even though I like starting the day off with a good stack, it is better to finish the day with it.

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I had a conversation at work which was not the most pleasant one, but I was emotionally totally detached, I would even say I was a bit motivated by the negative feedback. I am not sure which of the modules takes care of that one, but it felt nice. I was feeling completely solid, no excuses, no negative feelings, I was the one in power about myself. Bam!


Still early to tell what is missing and what just takes a little bit more time. I would like to have more ambition, drive, motivation. I was looking at the modules but most of them are already included or I did not find them yet.
Is there also a special module that gives you drive and motivation for tasks that you might not enjoy to do, but you have to do?

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With your custom it could come from a few different angles, but I’m getting that same feeling by just having GLM in my stack this cycle.

Especially that feeling when negative feedback got thrown your way…I had something similar happen yesterday.

The mighty dosage of masculinity in your stack will be interesting to see unfold.

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I was thinking about the possible addition of those modules:

  • Foundation
  • Khronos Key
  • Virtue Series Temperance (thanks again for that tip)
  • Natural Winner
  • Overdrive
  • Potentiator or Way of ROI

For the cores Ascension seems nice, but Mogul gave me more motivation, so thinking of either Mogul, Ascended Mogul or Emperor.
Godlike Masculinity might not be perfect, would like Limitless Executive more, but you cannot build stuff in that does not exist :wink:

These are just mind games for now, I will continue with the stack (GLM+ASC) until the end of 21 days. Then I can also see better what is missing and what is taken care of.


Yes, I am also curious how it will unfold. Maybe at one time there will be aggressive outbursts, maybe I will just end up in my center. Until now nothing bad happened, no rage, not even in traffic.

But like I said in another thread, I am not sure how GLM would affect long term. Like if Lion ran GLM for one and a half years instead of Ascension. Not sure it is meant for long term, but as far as I know nobody tried it. It is nice though that with ZP a lot of people try it out and more reviews come up.


My desire to switch or to update my custom might be a sign of recon, thinking of taking an extra rest day. On the other side I am really looking forward to the next loops. Not sure what game my mind is playing :wink:


Not much to report. I think I will take an extra day off to see if it helps (today is already rest day, but tomorrow I will also do a rest day).

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Reduced my listening time to 5 min.

Not much to report, I am mostly in power and aware of my emotions. Had today again the feeling of my brain is busy. If I interpret that as my brain processing the scripts and probably my brains processing power is at its limits I might go down to just run the custom 2x per week, not sure yet how many minutes per session.

@Billions recommended to do Ascended Mogul and Ecstasy of Gold. I like the titles, will think about how to get my long term plan set up. Maybe I should have done Mogul instead of Ascension in my custom, but there will always be questions


This is dope. Personal power comes WAY before external power.

There’s no use having amazing money beliefs if you have terrible lifestyle beliefs or personal beliefs. IMO one of the biggest things holding me back from getting money results faster was productivity issues. I should’ve tackled that first. Ascension + GLM will definitely do that!

Optionally, LE will help, too.

Then, the moment you go back into full-time money subliminals, you’ll have everything you need to succeed with them


Definitely, if you earn a lot of money but are not fully in your own power you will bleed money into unnecessary things.

So that is why I want to first be the emperor of my own life, of my inside, emperor of my emotions and ambitions, discover my purpose and values. Only then can I conquer the outside world without conflict of my inner world.

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The rest day felt good or maybe it was the 5 min instead of 15 min. But I will continue with only 2 listening sessions per week, otherwise it feels I am overdosing my brain with input and that not only pushes the improvements back but also slows down my daily work.

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I have 2 items in the custom that I wanted to be able to measure objectively for progress.

SPS cardio system: I want to see a clear improvement of my heartbeat in rest

Deep sleep: I want to see an improvement in the measured deep sleep from my tracker.

Reminds me the last few days I slept different, it was as if I can not get enough sleep and it started after running the sub for 5 min only.

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Just for my own notes: day 12 of the journey, one loop of the custom only, 7 min listening time, next two days rest days to see how it feels. I guess I still have to find my own listening pattern with ZP. One day rest is not enough for me, 2 seem better but now I am not sure about how much listening time is best.

Since the beginning of this cycle everything was more complicated and needed more energy, whatever I wanted to do there was more resistance. Today was the first time it was better, feeling more productive and more master of my own time. I still crave for more sleep but I am more aware of everything I am doing, be it procrastination, work, reacting to others or bad eating. I feel I am slowly taking more control of my life.

I am also putting different modules together for dedicated customs bit I continue with this one to find out what it does with me. Maybe a second cycle will be needed to release its power.


Note to myself:
15 minutes is too much, either 5 or 7 minutes seem to be key

Today I feel less brain fog than after a 15 minute listening session a day before.