Ideal Stack for Active Seducers


I read this comment by @SaintSovereign here:

So I was curious, what would be the ideal most “weaponized” stack for active seduction? Someone who would take a month off or so, and go out approaching women A LOT.

What mix of subliminal programs and stacking modules (including soon to be released ones) would be most effective and supercharge one for this one purpose: getting as many experiences with women as possible, meeting as many women as possible, and having sex with a wide choice of women? In other words, abundance with women based on A LOT of active approach.

What would be the ideal playlist for this, @SaintSovereign and @Fire?

By the way, this is a great idea: to have Standard Playlists for specific goals, then you can include those in PRIME, so those new can follow those standard playlists based on their goals and not be confused with choice.

Here, for example, would you your idea active seducer Playlist. Which one would that be?

Thank you.


Assuming you sleep for 8 hours a night:

Primal x 3
Sex & Seduction x 3
Limitless x 1
Rebirth x 1

Libertine x 2 an hour or so before going out.

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Thank you, I imagined AURA would be more helpful than Libertine for approaching new women, because it would magnify the Aura X of S&S. So now it came as a surprise to me that Libertine would be more useful.

Just to make sure, are you talking about Libertine Ultrasonic x 2 before going out, or the SuperCharger?

And again, thank you and happy new year to you @SaintSovereign. You’re very kind, very helpful and someone who truly cares about his craft and those who benefit from it. I am grateful for that.


Haha, so much going on right now, I actually forgot about Aura. Do Aura x2 and Primal x 2.


Ok, so to summarize, the ideal active seducer stack is:

Sex & Seduction x 3
Primal x 2
Aura x 2
Limitless x 1
Rebirth x 1

With Libertine x 2 before going out.


That’s my recommendation – though, you know the standard disclaimer, your mileage may vary.


And to make sure, Libertine is only the SuperCharger, right? The Ultrasonic is good but not part of this playlist.


I am also curious @SaintSovereign why did you consider Limitless to be an essential part of an active seducer Playlist. What would be the specific benefit? Thank you.


I’m assuming it has to do with learning pu.
As it’s stated in SS as well: ‘’ lightning fast learning of all things seduction,’’


What @Deceiver said. Seduction and pick up is a craft, just like any other. If you’re truly focused on learning it, Limitless will help.


Do you mean S&S v2.1 or the normal one because I thought Aura is included in that version?
And also would you recommend Primal X or just Primal


I’d use S&S v2. Primal XXX, as with all bonuses, is an experimental. It may work better for you, it may not. Regular Primal, however, is “stable.” If you aren’t in the mood for experimenting, use Primal. Wanna play around, maybe get better results? Use XXX.


Does that mean that with Primal XXX it could only work better. So it is unlikely that it works worse, right?
And then another question: Why didn’t you add God Like Masculinity.

Thank you


It’s an experimental, it could indeed perform worse, though that is unlikely. I didn’t add GLM because it’s a module already in the major programs and some may not need it.