Idea for new subliminal - Thriving in Partnership


Ever since I first read the question, I’ve been asking myself, “what do I think would be a good idea for a new subliminal?“

So far, every idea I came up with seemed to already be addressed by one of the existing programs.

Today I got another idea: subliminal for thriving in long-term committed relationships/partnership

It could address things like:

Boundary setting
Expanding sense of self to include more than oneself (Empathy-Generosity)
Balancing independence with interconnection
Healthy debate, negotiation (Marshall Rosenberg Non-Violent Communication)
Letting go without insecurity
Seeing through/transcending dysfunctional interaction patterns
…and so on

Principles could be integrated from John and Julie Gottman, Paul Ekman, Daniel Goleman, Gary Chapman, Sue Johnson, Leslie Greenberg, Virginia Satir, James Hillman and others

How to thrive while being in connection. Having the strength to be alone and be together. Whether in family or marriage or team or whatever kind of commitment-based relationship.


@Fire @SaintSovereign

Much of what works in Relationships has its roots in Adlerian Psychology.
The most accessible recent books in the OP’s context would be the ones by Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga. (especially, The Courage To Be Happy)

I would also like to add George Pransky’s Relationship Handbook (based on the spirituality of The 3 Principles).


If this needs further support it definitely has my vote.


shouldnt eog with inner circle take of this?


I don’t think they would hurt, but the focus of what I’m suggesting is fundamentally different, I think.

Ecstasy of Gold (which I’m using now) focuses on prosperity and wealth-building. Inner Circle focuses on manifesting mentors and guides to aid in learning and in achieving goals.

The subliminal I’m imagining would aid in establishing the attitudes, states of mind, and skills/abilities that enhance our capacity to thrive in partnerships and in teams; i.e., in relationships of commitment. These are relationships that are seen as valuable in their own right, not primarily because they are helping us to achieve some other goal.

As human beings, we find ourselves in teams, in partnerships, in marriages, in family relationships. This is a fundamental part of our nature; and so it tends to occur and recur. Some of those relationships are worth our continued commitment and investment. We value them. But there are many pitfalls and challenges that arise even when we value a relationship.

It takes, in short, a great deal of fortitude, wisdom, ability, and luck to build and to maintain healthy partnerships, and to maintain your own thriving while in a relationship. The subliminal I’m envisioning would aid with that.