I want my real heart connection, but also want that playboy Stark magic

I have primal seduction, stark and libertine. Would you recommend “Wanted”? I have a girl I would love to make my girlfriend, but also want to stay wanted, I guess? lol


Yes WANTED can also be used for having one girlfriend and getting pretty romantic


Stack wanted @Alphamale is correct

You’d want to create a stack that has Heartsong in it.

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No that would be too entangled and also maybe shift his focus from this girl to someone more ideal

If there’s someone more ideal, that sounds like a better person to go towards for a relationship and achieving the real heart connection.

Not necessary

Regardless, I do agree it could detract from the more immediate goal the OP is looking to accomplish.

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So wanted would distract me from a specific girl or heartsong?

i have never tested wanted but in my experience with the ultima versions of the products primal seduction attracted hotter women then libertine and the women where more sexually attracted.

libertine got me more attention but primal seduction the girls where more sexually interested.

libertine ultima = that guy is really hot

primal seduction ultima = i want that guy to fuck me in the washroom right now


Is ultima more powerful than ZP like that?

i have not had time to properly test primal seduction ZP but my experience with libertine ZP was similar to ultima, not better, not worst.

@Zapata1 no ZP is more powerful then Ultima

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Honestly zp is just outright better
what will stand out the most is it’s “half-life” or time in wich effects are lasting but decreasing
It takes more and more time to loose zp effects simply because they’re that well assimilated

As of for ultima you might get decent result fast but they’ll decrease much more and quicker
(and as for my personnal observation, zp even beats ultima in term of pure fast results, especially when you’ve been using another zp subs before hand, as in opposition to ultima where you keep restarting from scracth or close to if you switch to a whole different sub)


none would distract you
Go and read the description, that will help
Especially the objectives

Forget about older versions

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Negative. I’ve run Wanted and HS at separate times and in a Qv2 custom (W/HS/Dia). As long as he’s prepared for a bit of conflict, he’ll live.

If they let him.

Fuckin’ lol’d :point_up:t2:

I imagine it would, if she isn’t ‘for you’. This is a good thing.

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@Zapata1 Did you get your question(s) answered?