I really need a help, advice, solution for one big problem


@Saint and others I really need your help

This is my story:

When I was 4-5 years old I was sexualy used as fun by some young man almost a years, he said it was our little fun and secret, and it was impressed subconsciously on whole my life.

Later I was in school everyday bullied mentally and physically and they treated me as some girl in school, and they were given me even some girlish names.

My father always was dominated over me, and always said me “you are never like other guys, and never will be”

My sisters and many others behaved to me like I am girl and not boy

This all caused me to me potential-gay man, but I somehow know that I am not gay man idk, it’s like I am forced to be it, please understand this, maybe it’s HOCD.

I even tried to be living like that, but later I found it wasn’t for me, but somehow I am forced into it, something literally subconsciously force me to be like that, and I don’t like it, though I don’t have anything against it, really.

Then later, I am because of that so depressed, and feel myself like shit, sorry for word, az this is sign that it’s not for me and that I am not that.

Now I feel more like man and masculine, but feel myself like I am asexuall totally, and having HOCD sometimes don’t know why

I beg you to make some subliminal for being heterosexual man, and make some exception🙏:

I want subliminal to be heterosexual male forever, to have attraction to women, girls only, to have sexual thoughts only about women,girls, like every other normal guy has, you know, to have sexual preferences, to have erection to girls, women only… to be forever heterosexual and normal, to have heterosexual DNK, to be sexual aroused to girls, women only, and to stop gay thoughts and any attractions to guys, please, I want to that subliminal remove any homo or gay thoughts, and off course return me on my natural heterosexual natur, behaviour, DNK etc, changing sexual and romantic preferences only to girls and women only,also attraction only to women, and acting wanting to be masculine in every aspect of life, wanting to have sexual and romantic relationship with girls women only and removing any attraction and gay thoughts to men forever…you will know what to do anyway

I already purchased from you Rebirth, Limit Dissolver, and Godlike Masculinity, and use it month or two

If anyone have some suggestions or solutions for my problem please email me on

[email protected]



Hey, sorry to read you’ve gone through such hell.
A suggestion though if I may.

If you’re not already in therapy I highly suggest you do seek professional help.

As much as I love subliminals, subliminals should not be seen as your primary savior in this case. I think you need actual intervention, and perhaps subliminals can aid that process but not replace it.

EDMR therapy, regression, some form of changework to sort through the traumas and replace them with empowering structures.

Good luck on your journey man


I think Regeneration and meditation (especially chakra- and reintegration-meditation) may be the best for you.


@Dra - There is no subliminal in SubClub to change your sexual preference but Regeneration subliminal and Elixir supercharger will heal you as much as possible of emotional and mental traumas.

Am sure even the sub creators will recommend therapy but since I know that you are here to seek subliminal guidance, that’s what I will give you. Keep Rebirth, Godlike Masculinity and Limit Destroyer. They will also help because they are excellent stacking modules to Regeneration.

In addition to this, I would personally recommend NoFap. Which is to stop watching porn and masturbation for a couple of months. This will also help to reset your brain and fill you with more masculine energy.

I wish you the best on your healing journey.




While I won’t even pretend to understand what you’ve been through, I do sympathize with you. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to help you with your issue. Please consider seeing a reputable licensed mental health professional, therapist or doctor before running any more subliminals.

We don’t have any titles that will affect your sexual orientation, and we’re very much opposed to even attempting to do so.

Very, very sorry that we couldn’t assist more.

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