I’m going to listen Mogul V2 everyday all day


Hello I’m Vok, 18 year old grad school student. I’ve been working on making money on my own as I want to stay independent for past 3 years I’ve been struggling tbh I’ve procrastinated a lot in between and I Kept loosing in all aspects so I bought Mogul V2 . I’m going to listen every day all day (as we are maintaining a lockdown in our country) so let’s see how it works for me


Welcome @sourabv

I am interested in reading your journal.

Do you have concrete plans how you want to reach financial independence and what steps you need to take right now?


Smart choice. You listened through all of the noise and the hype and chose the program most closely aligned with your current goals.

Now just keep thinking, planning, and working on your project, just as you originally would have done.

Your efforts will be inspired, supported, augmented, and optimized. Every step taken is another drop in the bucket, contributing to your ultimate success.

Happy wealth building.


ps. One day you must tell us the story of how you became an 18 year old graduate student. If I’m interpreting that correctly, you’re saying that you’ve completed a college degree already.


Yes, I’m a huge sucker for Technology (Technology freak), I believe i can make money through online like digital marketing and get to 7 figures Monthly.And invest in Stock and Real Estate. I think i can multiply money through real estate because i come from a family who’ve made multi millions from Real Estate . And i’m truly passionate about it


I’m sorry i guess You got me wrong with that i’m still going through graduation. I guess the Speech i used was wrong
But i assure you that you’ll Hear something like" How a 18 year old under-Grad student making millions through side hustles"


Day 1: It started like a normal day, But once i started working i had that ultimate confidence it’s like i felt limitless i feel like i can do anything and i noticed that i have turned much disciplined, I mean whatever i focus on, i just do it . Whenever i put on headphones and listen to subliminal at like 50% volume my brain feels heavy it like something’s going in.

well that’s it for day 1


any updates @sourabv?


Mogul has been updated to Q . That is an option