I like PSITU, but want something that is without the call/urge to act and seduce women

Based on what is in Primal Seduction Iron Throne Ultima,
I basically want something that is without the call/urge to act and seduce women, but with all the other benefits. Looking at the list below it looks like Primal doesn’t have that? Just making sure.

I know there are new subs like Wanted and Heartsong, but I am thinking they are different and not have the other positive aspects that I like in PSITU? …AND not ultima.

Sex and Seduction Objectives:

  • automatic knowledge of how to seduce anyone you desire, as well as intuitive execution of movements required to do so,
  • betterment of your physical looks,
  • improvement of your body language in a sensual, graceful way, masculine way,
  • complete release of inner problems you might have around flirting, seduction and sex,
  • comfort with being sexual,
  • subconscious seduction,
  • sexual and verbal disinhibition on others,
  • relaxation and excitement when approaching others (be it cold approach or warm),
  • lightning fast learning of all things seduction,
  • development of all areas required for maximum effectiveness in seduction (be it physical, mental or spiritual),
  • shifting of your energy to a more masculine, sexual state,
  • euphoric sex,
  • ability to decide your relationships with women – short-term, long-term… you have the power to choose

Primal Objectives:

  • Dominance that comes naturally and is loved by women,
  • Charismatic demeanor,
  • Extreme nonchalance and enjoyment of everything you do,
  • Relaxed optimism and knowing that all is well,
  • Ability to have fun and be fun,
  • Highly sexual, sensual, sexy, carefree attitude with women,
  • Lack of social shaking (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction)
  • Freedom to be a highly sexual, sensual and sexy man,
  • Masterful automatic calibration in social situations,
  • Lack of sadness over rejection,
  • Ability to be sexual and sensual in a way that is just right,
  • Easy kino and verbal escalation,
  • The uncanny ability to be physically and mentally completely relaxed at any moment,
  • Development of wit and charisma,
  • Automatic passing of social testing,
  • Social intuition,
  • Betterment of social status,
  • And more…
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Check out Wanted :v:

But I don’t understand what exactly do you want

Can you explain it a bit more detailed?

This is what I want as well. It’s hard to explain but I’ve come up with the following analogy:

To seduce is to be a dog chasing cars.

What I want is to be a Sun with planets revolving around me.

They are completely different paradigms.

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Unfortunely in real life, men always have been the chasers. even back then the emperors and what not, although they had choice of women they still needed to maintain that power.
(also it was not an open market like today)

In my opinion, primal seduction is the best sub so far for getting laid/getting numbers.

I think primal is better in an already existing fwb/ltr relationships because then the seducing techniqs are not that necessary since she already into you, but you just have to maintain a highly masculine frame, which primal super help with.

But in cold approaches/apps/social group ways to get women interested, even if you are the most masculine handsome man ever, if you cant keep her interested in a skillfull banter (talking about 9’s and 10’s) then she will get bored and leave before you get sexual.

I have a friend like that, he let me enter his okcupid profile, he has over 2000 likes and he looks like a male model, but he barely gets laid. i told him to listen to subliminal but he keep thinking its “placebo” lol :disappointed:

if he knew how to spike their emotions and get them to feel low and highs, he would get laid like 100 times more than me, since he has a much better opening but his game doesnt do his potential justice.

anyway, that’s my 2 cents


In real life I’ve been approached more times than I can count. Not so much in the last few years however

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The interesting thing about placebo is that many have been trained to believe that placebo is nothing.

Yet as Joe Dispenza says “You are the placebo.” It’s tapping your own power of creation. So either way your friend is using his own power against himself by not having what he wants. He’s in lack.

It’s controversial to even entertain such an idea but it seems that even action can be a placebo. When we haven’t realized our true selves or power then we believe we need to do things and take certain actions because that’s our belief system. That’s why I listen to subs to change and bring up limiting beliefs so that I can see them and drop them, dissolve them. Just having awareness like someone else said is a truly powerful thing because we all have blind spots in life, that’s our programming our beliefs. So when remove those filters we open up to possibility. We also become free to take whatever is the right action in the right way at the right time. That’s a great place to be.

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Sounds more like you want to be a Khan lol…

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Would Khan be able to do that?


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Maybe wanted and libertine with mods like directional influencer aura and gloryseeker, perhaps me and lifeblood fable

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Agreed. That would be a deadly combo for this requirement.