I just need energy, focus, and productivity


I’m attracted to every single one of your subs except those relating to PUA.

I’m almost 60, self employed, and tired all the time.

I struggle to stay focused on my projects and it’s killing my billable hours.

A lot of comments about the the subs talk about the initial negative affects that kill productivity. I can’t really afford to spend several weeks getting past the “clearing” stages.

Is there a sub that will help me with energy, focus, and productivity right away?


You want EMPEROR!


Quantum Limitless


The new version of emperor gave me a “high caffeine experience”. Emperor V4 also has the quantum limitless lite. I personally believe being an older man like myself. Emperor V4 should fufill your needs.


I think Quantum Limitless might be your best choice. The other programs like Emperor, Ascension deal too much with reconciliation, while QL focusses solely on balancing hormones and getting you in a flow state


I’m running Quantum Limitless & Emperor. Let me tell you, QL is the way to go for energy, focus. Productivity is really up to you, get yourself to do shit even if you don’t want to, mind over matter. Energy wise, I wake up everyday at 5:55 am and I go to sleep at around 11 pm daily, yet I don’t suffer from sleepiness. I don’t drink coffee or take caffeine either, I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible.

I’m looping Emperor with Quantum Limitless stage 2 right now but I don’t suggest you start Emperor before you finish Quantum Limitless to be honest. Stick with one subliminal, I made the mistake to add in Quantum Limitless to my stack, which isn’t bad at all but in a sense it is lowering the effectiveness of Emperor. The script of Emperor v4, is huge and I wouldn’t recommend anyone stacking this subliminal until you have something of 6 months progress with it. Although you are able to stack Emperor v2 though, it feels way less of a dense script and you see changes more easily.

I would recommend you hitting stage 1 for a month straight and then add in stage 2, running both for 2 months then drop stage 1 for stage 3 while still listening to stage 2. Go for 2 to 3 months stage 2 and 3 then drop both for stage 4. Run that for another month and a half, before adding anything in. If you keep track to this road map I just gave you, you’ll be surprised about the energy, focus and productivity you’ve gained - en plus the genius you’ve become.


Throughout the forums, I’m finding people reporting varying effects from Ev4. Some are like you, where they have tons of energy. Others become lethargic or have debilitating headaches. I can understand why it might not affect everyone the same, but it makes it hard to commit to it.

I very much appreciate you sharing your experience.


Thanks so much, everyone. I’m going to follow Hermit’s plan but probably add in a single loop of Emperor after a month or two of QL.

Honest and personal feedback and answers from actual users a massive benefit. Thanks so much!!


The reason people experience the “tons of energy” is because Quantum Limitless lite had been added to Emperor v4, this energy surge wasn’t a significant on the older versions.


Beside the subs you could use did you checked your testosteron status?
If its related to a hormonel unbalance which is likely in your age QL would be the sub to go.
I am using Empv4 and QL1 atm and the combination is good for me.

Frankly i dont know how much you can balance your hormones with subs only. You may have to change or add some nutrition. A lack of iron could also cause tiredness and this lack can be a serious sign of an ongoing disease. I would strongly recomend to not forget the medical side and make a serious checkup. But maybe you did it before and all is fine.

All the best!


We need a super charger for energy and focus