I got a fever. Is it Quantum Tech effect or coincidence?


I am down with mild fever.

It coincides with swapping limitless V2 with Emperor V4.

Stack: Kst2, ST2, E, ST2, PCC, E

I was reading a thread were some people reported flu from use of regeneration.

Is it just a coincidence in my case?


Fumny enough i had a bit of a cold this morning but i doubt very much it has anything do do with the subliminal. It just happens to be the cold season ! :slight_smile:


New sub = new neuro pathways formed. Brain thinks there’s an invasion of bacteria, so it responds as if you have a cold/flu/fever.


Not sure exactly what to believe as I am suffering flu like symptoms perhaps its just a coincidence that I am running V4 and just happen to have caught a cold.


That isn’t how the immune system works, otherwise you’d get a cold every time you learned something new. :slight_smile:


i would believe there is a difference between conciously learning something over and over again until it becaome habit VS Direct Subconsious targetted learning.


As I said, that’s isn’t how the immune system works.


Assuming that you’re engaged in conscious learning



Just because you want to believe something doesn’t make it true.


As i said in a previous reply its the season for colds and flu. This seems more plausible then a subliminal causing you to have flu like symptoms.


I don’t think it’s impossible since there’s a complex relationship between mind and body, although a simple cold is more likely.

But the idea that new neural pathways are treated as a bacterial invasion? No, as I said the immune system just doesn’t work that way. Unless you have an autoimmune disorder it does not identify your own (normal) cells as invaders.


I have to say I caught a flu a few days ago, the only one that really brought me down this year.
It started sunday last week. But since I started listening to v4 it seems like there is no direct correlation.
However, if there is one, I guess it is because the mind uses more ressources to process the information v4 puts in than it is used to, hence there are less resources left to fight illness. It should realign after some time.
Just my thoughts and theory on this.


PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) is the relevant subject to check out with regard to this topic. This scientific subdiscipline explores the interrelationships between immune response, neuroendocrine function, and mental processes (perceptions, thoughts, etc.).

It’s not really that ‘the brain’ registers a bacterial invasion. Well, not precisely.

Belief (think, placebo) can have a pretty complex relationship with any of our biological systems. If, for example, you trained yourself rigorously to believe that learning or changing was a kind of viral or bacterial infection, then, you could train your body to initiate an anti-viral immune response. Similarly, if you trained yourself to believe that standing on a mountain top gave you immense power, that action could trigger the release of hormones and neurotransmitters (like adrenaline and so on) that conferred a sense of power and (some degree of) resistance to illness.

But I don’t think anyone here is probably spending their time to do that.

On a less intentional level, prolonged stress or acute stress can definitely trigger immune response. It’s not that the bodymind interprets it as a viral infection; it’s that the stressor itself depletes energy and/or triggers the system into a state of alert or defense.

The better question is probably not, is Quantum Tech causing this, but rather ‘how should I best handle this?’

The simplest answer to that question: plenty of fluids, healthy whole foods, rest and relax. Let your system do what it needs to do. Once you’re feeling able, make sure you get some exercise and picking up some kind of relaxation/meditation habit is usually a good idea. Put your attention on things that nurture your soul.

Outside of medical issues, the above is usually enough, whether the cause is more on the belief side or more on the biology side.


This was a phenomenon that occurred with the popular “sexual aura” subliminal created by a competitor. Interestingly enough, when I tested that subliminal, I had the same experience. The subliminal producer attributed it to seasonal illness. While I’m not ruling out the possibility of a subliminal causing illness, the seasonal illness explanation seems more likely. Everyone in my family right now are currently fighting the flu. I was very sick last week myself, but I caught that from a family member.


First day I heard, v4 , I had running nose and flu but it hardly lasted 2 days and all good after that .

I never thought it could be related to sub , but now I am thinking may be because of that …


@rajeshwer now that is too much of a conincidence it makes me wonder now. I woke this morning with a dry throat and running nose.and I am still suffering :slight_smile/. However this is on my 6th day of using V4. First 5 days were easing sailing today is doom and gloom.


I feel great with my QL/EV4 stack, so if there is any correlation, it doesn’t appear to be universal.

Either way, feel better everyone!


I read in one of joe dispenza’s books stress literally shuts down the immune system it’s why they give stress hormones to organ recipients to stop the immune sytem rejecting the new organ.
Maybe the new tech is putting a lot of stress on the mind/body for rapid change of beliefs causing impunity to be down.

I’ve noticed since starting QL it’s much harder to stay in a coherent state with my heart math sensor indicating I’m stressed although I don’t feel stressed.


@BLACKICE what stages of QL are you running with V4 ?


Just QL ST1 at the moment.