I don't recognize myself


So, I have been running PS + Emperor now for a month and everything was smooth and fine until about a week.
Not sure how to explain it properly but I am now OVERLY sexual. And to be honest it kind of scares me as that’s absolutely out of my character. I am doing fine with girls but I have always had a “meh” attitude about them.
But now, it’s like I have a deep craving for women and sex and I am doing things I am not sure is what I really want.

Did anyone feel like that ever?


Things like what?


I don’t want to say because that’s too embarrassing


dude nobody is judging here, you have to come clean if you want answers. youre good believe me. i am new and everyone has been really helpful.


You’re probably thinking anal sex. Dude that’s okay. We dont mind. :joy::joy::joy:


Guys, I really don’t think it’s necessary to get those details in order to answer his question.

I suppose it could be Primal Seduction, I don’t think Emperor would cause it. But even PS shouldn’t be that intense. Unless you’re a teenager and your libido and hormones are naturally already in overdrive. Are you using PS standard or Iron Throne? You could put a bit more Emperor and a bit less PS in your stack to see if anything changes in the direction you want it to. It also may just be a temporary thing that balances itself out next week.

Now if that craving is strong enough that it drives you to act on it and actually HAVE a lot of sex, there’s a bunch of guys that are running off to buy Emperor and Primal Seduction right now as the answer to their prayers. Just saying.


lmao thanks for the laugh :grin:.


I’m 22 years old. I actually run 2x Emperor + 1x PS (not Iron Throne) in loop overnight. Yeah it’s likely due to Primal Seduction.
I would be happy to know if anyone experienced that.


Emperor has the entier sex mastery script in it. So it would not surprise me if you feel really sexual.


Yeah, but the common opinion is that Emperor gives you more of a pornstar-attitude towards sex. Knowing that you have so much sex it really doesn’t interest you that much, but you’ll take it when it’s on your path. From what I’ve read so far anyway.

Primal Seduction on the other hand…


Emperor gives you that inner confidence to show your true colours. If your getting the porn star attitude towards sex it means you always had that attitude but you were afraid to show it.