I don´t like how I am with these subs


I have borrowed Ascension from a friend to see how it would affect me, but I experienced on Ascension the following:

  • I voice my opinions strongly, as I think it, raw. It happens automatically and I catch myself afterwards. Too much zeal is bad strategy. At times I feel like I said something stupid.
  • more interest from women… just from the way they make eye contact and their facial expressions
  • people are more drawn to me
  • my voice is more loud
  • biggest hurdle: I feel fear and a bit anxiety coming up because I am afraid that my behavior is going to make me look like a fool/insane/crazy. As a result I stop listening to the subs, because it feels like it is going to break a switch within me and I feel scared. Not sure if this switch is just part of the process…


This is not an insult or disrespect to the creators nor am I trying to say anything negatve about the product. This is just my experience until now and me being open about it


Did you even read the description page? You are getting exactly what you didnt pay for. Why even run ascension if you are that annoyed. If you like staying where you are in life then ascension is not for you :


In addition to what Saiyan4Blue said, we do not condone or allow the lending or “borrowing” of our subliminals. This is piracy. Please delete that copy and purchase one for yourself if you’d like to continue using the program. With the first time buyers promo code of “subclub,” it’s only around $24.95. If you can’t afford to spend that little amount for life-changing result, but will buy a video game or name brand shoes, etc., then your priorities are a bit mixed up.


I do appreciate the work you have put in and I should have taken that a bit more in consideration. With all due respect but I am not interested in continuing using this product for now. If you can send me your papal adres I will transfer you for the inconvenience, as I was not interested in using it just for free.


you misunderstood me


Whats funny is that you could have just as easily tried Ascension Lite if you were only curious. If you are not using Ascension then there is no need to pay for it. Just delete the unpaid copy. If you really want to pay for it then purchase it and then delete or keep it. No need for the ” send me your paypal ”. Either way good luck. We will be here for you if you decide to start using Subclub subliminals.


My partner has said all there is to be said about borrowing.

I would like to touch on your hurdle.

You have on your computer a subliminal designed to create an alpha out of you. A subliminal designed to make others notice your presence even before you enter the room.

And the most important material this subliminal works with is you yourself. Hence, you need to accept the changes and work with them, in a way steering them in a way you want them to be. You CAN do that.

If you have a specific idea in mind, the subliminal will work with you, and help you develop those specific qualities you have in mind.

Keep that in mind, and try working with your newfound loudness and new alpha behavior. Remember to own it - your opinions are just as good as anyone else’s (and often can be better). Keep your frame.

Also, you mentioned experiencing fear of losing control. That is normal, push through it. At the other end is you as an extremely high value and powerful man, just waiting for you.

Will you settle for less, or do you have the ambition to go further, beyond your fears?

Either way, welcome to Subliminal Club. I look forward to reading more of your journey, if you decide to continue. If you do, be ready to evolve to the man you’ve always dreamed of being.