I don’t know if certain subs r working


So for example if I use ascension with glm vs limit destroyer how will I know what is doing what, if they r even helping at all and can I run them without the stacks coz I can’t directly see any effects from the stack modules


You can run Ascension by itself and loop it. It seems like the more subs you use the longer it will take for the results to start showing.

I was running emperor, Aura, limit destroyer, and rebirth and looping them all. Now I’m running emperor when I sleep looping it by itself, and rebirth on loop in the day time. The reason why was because I wanted faster results. And since then which had only been a few days I’m seeing results more quickly. But you have to experiment as I’ve been told to see what works best for you because we’re all different.

How do you listen to your subs @myspace123? How often and what method? Also hopefully @DarkPhilosopher can add some of his pocket change to this post :wink:


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Okay, I’ll try. Please forgive me for being a bit too honest, I can be a bit unfiltered. Plus, my post aren’t pocket change, they are LONG.

Wow, I just went through your journal and just… wow. First, you almost got it halfway through the thread and then you lost it again, but the Enter key is your friend. Really. I dislike myself for commenting on this since it is so not my place, but with long posts things like punctuation, capitalization and paragraphs make it easier for people to digest.

Second, you’re all over the place! From January I’ve seen you mention listening to Libertine, Primal, Emperor, Limit Destroyer, Regeneration, Rebirth, Sex & Seduction and Elixir, and now Ascension and Godlike Masculinity. Plus the PUA workshop and therapy sessions (thank you for trusting us enough to share that one). You’re 18, possibly 19 probably bordering between high school and college and your goal is to be God’s Gift to Women before the year is up. With all that, I wouldn’t know which results and effects came from where. I’d just be happy with any results. Can you imagine what your subconscious is going through every day?

On to answering your question. In science, we need to make things measurable and quantifiable. The only way to truly know what the effects of something are is to run controlled, isolated experiments. Think of the before and after photos people make when starting/ending a new training program. By comparing, they can measure the results. But if they run 4 different training programs, who knows which had the most effect?

In comes advice #1: considering you’re doing so much simultaneously, it is better to simply observe if you’re getting the results you want, without figuring out what is causing those results.

To your mind, a stack is one giant blob of instructions. Your subconscious doesn’t care if the first 45 minutes belong to Ascension and the next 30 to GLM. There are two ways to know which module is causing what:

  1. Running conflicting modules. Inadvisable, it’ll just hold you back.
  2. Adding new modules over time. So Use Ascension, and only Ascension, for a month or longer, observing the results, before adding GLM. Do those two for a month or longer, then remove GLM and add Limit Destroyer. Observe again. It seems to me you’re too anxious to do that, so refer back to adivce #1.

Also remember that stack modules are meant to draw attention to or amplify certain parts of major modules. You won’t so much see their effects as experiencing that some parts of the major module are more powerful.

If you feel like none of the subs are doing anything (which doesn’t appear to be the case) you could try listening to the masked tracks for a while. From what I gather you have your loops running ultras on your phone all day.

To recap the scientific method:

  1. Start by really taking stock of yourself. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What do you want out of the subs? Write it all down. This is your before state.
  2. Listen to one module exclusively. Ascension in your example. For at least a month.
  3. Where are you now? Did anything change? This is you after-1 state.
  4. Compare. Did you change for the better? Did you get closer to your goal? Good, you’re going places.
  5. Add in the stacking module of your choice. Run it all for at least a month.
  6. Where are you now? Did anything change? This is your after-2 state.
  7. Compare. Did you feel like the stacking module enhanced your results? Well, you get the idea.

Of course, you could also refer back to advice #1, simply choose the stack that feels right to you and go on your path. As long as you’re improving, does it really matter if maybe that one stacking module has no effect? Like someone overclocking a PC, does it really matter if they squeeze 2ms faster response time out of it, as long as it’s already greatly improved?

Finally, take some of @Kaprice’s advice. He seems to know what he’s talking about.

Hope you got anything out of this…

PS And ween yourself off the energy drinks. Red Bull may give you wings, but like Icarus you will inevitably come crashing back down.

EDIT: Largest post to date! :smile:


You are one crazy motherfucker! haha good game


@DarkPhilosopher thanks a lot that was really helpful


You’re welcome. I apologize if I went a bit overboard.