I can't go on the SubClub website


I am not able to go on https://www.subliminalclub.com/
Its saying 403 forbidden, what happened?


@NewLease - I just checked and I can’t either. Most probably they are updating the website.


Lets give it time then


@NewLease - am being paranoid but now am feeling that I should have bought all the products before this error happened incase the website never comes up again. Egad!!!

@SaintSovereign, @DarkPhilosopher ! I hope all is well


Hoping there are new products on it when it comes back online


Quantum Limitless was too much for the Internet. We need a new generation Internet to release it. :wink:


@DarkPhilosopher - haha! We need a Quantum Internet for Quantum Limitless ofcourse


The Commandment maybe!? :joy:


@NewLease - maybe the Power Can Corrupt sub finally ended up corrupting the internet or one of us :stuck_out_tongue:


The files for the new subs were too big…and consumed too much Power…and therefore Corrupting the whole datanase


That poison apple… I still want a bite though :laughing:


@King, @NewLease - who’d knew that the site going down is itself a subliminal that made us all hilarious lol


I think we are becoming a community that can just roll with the punches. It helps when we’re supporting each other.


A very good observation, @NewLease


40X errors are server problems.
They are either making a major update on the website and shut it down.
Or some other problem from the server provider.
Shouldn’t worry to much.


I bet they abandoned the business and they’re now working on their film xD


It is extremely unlikely to be server provider issues, so it’s either someone making changes or plugin issues. Either way, best to just wait it out.

I used to work for a company where every time something like this happened, a little clock started running on the monitoring screen. When the clock reached 5 minutes, the Marketing Director came upstairs to inform us of the thousands of bucks the company was losing because people could not buy stuff. I always wondered out of which black hole filled with analytics he pulled that bit of information. Business Intelligence my back-end.

It actually got to the point where every time he asked how much longer it would take to fix it, we gave him an indication and reminded him to add the time of having to answer his questions to it.

If Saint and Fire move to the back end of the store to do what they love, I do hope they’ll let me mind the front of the store at least. I’d be using the Laws of Power on poor unsuspecting WordPress support employees by now. Every minute we wait is a minute where @raphael can’t buy all the products. :wink:


@DarkPhilosopher - this is definitely some “dark philosophy” made to scare me. Am gonna listen to some Spartan to get my Alpha mindset back. Runs screaming into the night


Well, you said you felt like buying all the products before the site went down. As a good customer support agent, I want to help you do that! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a secret SubShop hacking squad. We should start our own. Each squad gets their own T-Shirts with the company logo on it, once a year we do a competitive paintball match against each other during a corporate get-together. Neither team is allowed to actually practice paintball, only to listen to subliminals to enhance our paintball skills. May the best subliminal win!

And of course this all takes place during SubCon, where all subliminal lovers come together. Visit the SubClub booth during SubCon 2019 in Vegas for free exposure to the latest in subliminal technology!

PS Now taking suggestions for the name of our squad. And no, Nerds in Shirts is not approved.


@DarkPhilosopher - LOL @ SubCon. That’s a neat one which can also translate to Subconscious as much as it says Subliminal Convention. Am imagining all of us running around in masks in this squad since most of us will be protecting our identities.