I can't find any update for my Emperor v.1 to v.3


Hi i just purchased Emperor v1 per Paypal. And now i can’t get any update for my Emperor subliminal to version 3.
Could you help me out please.
Thank you very much.


When exactly did you purchase? Any recent purchase should have both v2 and v3 in their downloads. I wonder if anybody still remembers v1.


i purchased emperor on 28.12.18 and on 1.9.19 emperor v2 was released. I was in my download but i see nothing. On 28.12.18 i can’t purchased this sub per paypal, so i contacted directly with the support and they sent me a paypal invoice.


You are either a very patient person or you love procrastinating. :wink:

I’ve notified the genies behind the curtains. If your account status permits it, please send a PM to Saint/Fire containing the email-address you use for the store-account, especially if it is different from the one you use on the forum.

Assuming you paid the invoice with a PP transfer, you did include a reference that allows them to know it was you that paid, right?