I can not finish my degree at university


Hello all,

I am feeilng so trapped about my situation, it is is as if I am getting nowhere in life, 30 years old and still living at home. Unable to get my degree because of a couple of lousy subjects at the university. I feel this pressure during exams and it blocks everything and I feel i just want to quit!

Also everyone is dating except me. I am missing out on so much good things in life, they are put on hold. Also, I love what I do and I want to get my degree so I can pursue it further. Now I saw the limitless subliminal and I want to buy it but I wanted to know how it would help me in University? I does not seem to be mainly aimed at getting good grades and my #1 goal would be getting my degree! I What would help best?


Hey AAA,

I am in exactly the same situation as you regarding the University stuff(same age), got three classes left and my thesis. I can blame myself, I can negative talk. But realizing I am just argueing with my own memories/concepts and seeing how foolish this is.

The fact you are forcing yourself to get these good grades is most likely causing anxiety and fght or flight is really really bad for your cognitive part of the brain, how about you reframe that to I will pass this with a good enough grade(perfectionism, is a killer of dreams); I am now choosing to chase excellence and good enough.

Does the road to your dreams have to be perfect, it’s a fallacy I believed a long time too. It’s not true man, shit appears comes up, the secret is seeing your goal in the distance no matter how often the road changes.

As for your orgininal question

Yes Limitless will help, but you are also having resistance to certain aspects of University, I would recommend a sub like Ascencion or Primal next to that(and as always seek professional help before(student dean, pschological, student counseler etc. Most Universities have programmes to deal with these kind of things. (Longer time for exams etc).