I am stuck at building a custom. please help

Here’s what i did.

  1. Visited qsubliminal.com
  2. Selected “Build a custom”
  3. Then Under the drop down, selected “License Modules”
  4. added to cart whatever cores i wanted
  5. Proceeded to checkout, paid and received a confirmation email
  6. Now I am at the Build Title page. I have filled the form that says “Discounted ZP Builds”. But when I add to cart nothing shows in cart.

Firstly, I hope this is the correct procedure if not please tell me where I am going wrong. If its correct, then what should i do next.

This page is for upgrading a previous custom to whatever the latest build is. It’s not for making a new custom.

Here is the link to where you must go to build a custom with your Cores and Modules.

Regarding this point, make sure you have 2 Cores maximum. The rest of the 18 slots you fill with modules.

Of course you can choose less modules. But to make this easy, make it 8 modules minimum so you can have 2 Cores + 8 modules and hence 10 slots filled. Of course you can make a custom of 2 Cores and 18 modules too to make it a total of 20.

Here is a link to how the custom process works.

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Have to add here that it isn’t recommended to make a custom if you are a new SubliminalClub user.

Also Customs aren’t refundable.

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Okay understood, But I want to peruse that route. Also I am making a Custom with 5 modules only… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Actually my custom has 2 cores and three modules… is it necessary that i make them 18.
? I want a very specific thing and I Don’t want to add modules just for the sake.

It might work. I know some who have made compact customs.

Try it out.

If it’s not for financial reasons, you could add modules like Merger of Worlds, Void of Creation, Jupiter or Current invoker to boost the results.
There are quite a few more similar booster modules.

@Lichtenauer thanks