I AM an Emperor - i_am's journal for Emperor, Primal Seduction, and Sanguine


Hey guys,

Just got Emperor (v4), PS, and Sanguine recently and will be running them at a 1:1:1 ratio. Might change it to 2:1:1 in the future but we’ll see how this plays out. Playing primarily the masked versions and maybe ultrasonic if the situation requires. My loops per day might vary, but I’m gonna run this for at least 3 months.

Just started listening yesterday and only got two full loops in, but here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

  • Starting to realize people who are deadweight. Their goals don’t align with mine and all they wanna do is play videogames together and talk XYZ sports. Don’t get me wrong, I like video games occassionally and watching sports, but this seems to be all they want to do. Some other people were ticking me off for different, yet similar reasons. Thinking this was Emperor.

  • Sanguine helped calm me down and talk to a higher-up with fluidity and ease. Or maybe it was PS as she was a female. Don’t worry guys, I already know to not to shit where I sleep.

  • I was saying whatever I wanted no matter how impudent it seemed. I tend to already do this, but it was noticably more pronounced. Not in a bad way by any means, like I wasn’t going overboard and being outright offensive, but I definitely cared less about if what I said offended someone because what I said was how I truly felt.

  • Had a dream where I consumed an expensive item that belonged to a friend. He called everyone down and started accusing people but never me. This situation lasted for the entirety of my dream. I never came clean about it and I was at the point of no return where if I came clean later I’d look super sketchy. At first I was uncomfortable cause it actually was me, but by the end of it my body language was more relaxed, confident, and less fidgety. Thinking this was Sanguine again.

  • Have more of a desire/motivation to get shit done. I woke up wanting to do something productive that’ll improve me. Recently, in the mornings I’ve been content just laying down until work doing mindless shit but now I want to read something that’ll help me.

Pretty impressive stuff considering I only had two full loops. Will try to update when I experience something significant. Also on mobile right now, so hopefully I’ll format this more nicely in the future.



Hi. Nice.
What version do you use, Is the normal PS or PSIT ??


I believe it is just the normal PS


“I AM”…Are you Neville Goddard follower too?


No, I am not, but just gave him a quick google search and he sounds very interesting. Any works, books, or speeches by him you recommend for someone looking to dive in?


So I realized I should have a list of goals to give you guys some context.

  • First, and this is the main goal, I made some poor decisions with student loans when I was younger, and long story short, I have $120,000+ of private and federal loans that I am looking to pay off. If you guys have any advice, experience, resources for this I’d appreciate it.

  • Second, I want to cultivate an outcome independent, detached, IDGAF, I’m gonna do what I want attitude. I feel like Emperor is perfect for that.

  • Third, using Primal Seduction to makes pulls and lays effortless. Not really looking to go out and chase women, but when I’m in the mood and meet a girl and want to close it’ll be simple.

My issue is that I need to pay off these loans so I’ll need to continue to make an income the tradition 9-5 way at least for the time being. But I know Emperor is gonna make me not want to work a regular job because of a need of freedom and empire-building (I’m already starting feel this way today). I can build my empire on the side for the time being while working a job or I could go balls deep with it and risk even more debt, not being able to pay my loans, etc. I feel like I should work a regular job now, but Emperor might be resisting that.

I’m not sure what empire or business I would be building, but I hope to find my purpose/some viable business ideas. I have some ideas for passive income/side hustles but not much yet for building my own thing. Maybe some of them could turn big but wouldn’t bank on it.

If you guys have any ideas on passive (or active) income, I’d love to hear as well.


You can listen to his lectures on youtube,or get hold of some of his books - The Complete Reader is a good start.

You choosing the moniker “I Am” is interesting because in Neville’s teachings,everything boils down to “I Am”.


I’ve only had Emperor v4 17 loops, PS 17 loops, Sanguine 14 loops so far. I try to listen everyday but I took last Friday and Saturday off which is ironically when I had some breakthroughs. I haven’t been able to get 10+ loops a day like others because of my schedule and my fear of my tinnitus getting worse but hopefully I’ll start to increase.

it’s been way too long since I’ve journal but I’ve definitely had some sort of breakthrough. Before I get to that, I’ve realized that I really need to journal. I’ve noticed different positive things, e.g. very talkative when I start talking to some people, increased feeling of energy, feeling like the absolute man and nothing could bring down, while running these titles but I’ve never journaled so I’d kinda write them off. I’ve also experienced negative effects such as very mild headache (not common and could be because I don’t hydrate often), distancing myself from others sometimes (I would have to force myself to be open and social with my roommates and then it’d get better; also could be cause my subconscious feels they aren’t helping me improve myself so why bother), feeling down and depressed (not too common). I can attribute most of this reconciliation which helps.

Anyways, below is my breakthrough journal from the weekend. I had these realizations when I was pretty drunk right after going to a rave. I took these notes on my phone and only edited out names and names of places so my thoughts and the format might seem pretty scattered. here it goes:

[bar name/first night of weekend]
had to get out my comfort zone but once I did I knew hooking was natural and easy and wouldve happened if she wasnt too trashed [OP note: this girl ended up being super drunk end of night and fell asleep soon as we got back to her place so I just let her be and went home] was rusty initially cause havent gone out in awhile but once i warmed up and put myself out there it was chillin and felt natural

less porn PLEASE. deeper rooted issue/belief potentially

[night of rave]
wow I need to journal more. I’ve noticed change but they didn’t really “stick” and become actualized cause I’d just forget them or wrote them off because I wasn’t journaling. but they are definitely there and evident. just need to remember and document the effects

the combination of some super deep rooted fear of how people view me plus the type of people I’ve hanged with who are judgmental is the cause of my self consciousness regarding this issue

too worried about what people think of me at raves dancing hard

social cues are important, so if you want to express yourself alot more you have to change the environment of people youre with.

but not necessarily a knock on [friend] and [other friend], could be on own insecurity and not calibrating accurately

but maybe

subs are not a final solution that’ll make me instantly perfect. I need to struggle and find my faults naturally, realize them, and then change my perceptions and original beliefs

this concert shit has been evident since forever but I put the blame on me doing something wrong rather than the type of people I went with

probably a mixture of both definitely. My issue and theirs.

getting pussy and being validated by being seen as a part of the culture isn’t the goal of life and the lack of it does not determine my worth

clearly something IS up by the way I feel. The above statements are likely true [OP note: i was starting to resist these thoughts and write them off]

life is good. stop worrying about shit and others and let go of my ego 1000%

subs are working 100% cause ive never had these realizations before to this extent

keep journaling. its huge
alcohol could also be the problem maybe.

QL module has me feeling super smart

I need to hang out less with certain people to fully grow better

ive always known deep inside this was an issue

[friend] doean’t care about me as much as a I think he does regarding if he judges me

time spent with [other friend] getting food right after is my most authentic, genuine, carefree state of being

this technology is strong. im drunk but still able to see and realize these insecurities (that might be correlated to alcohol) and document them

[next day insights]
no need to hide who I hook up with from others and care about what they think

notice I like to talk more

sometimes feel distant from others or didnt want to interact at the beginning of listening to the subs

saw older pics I initially didnt like and viewed myself as better looking and had high self esteem regarding them

end weekend journal.

for background, I go to raves/concerts but I don’t really fit the demographic, which is kinda bullshit but that’s what my subconscious tells me. because of this, sometimes I overcompensate and feel that I need to put myself out there and be visible to show people “hey, I fit in. I’m one of you guys” when they probably don’t care much in the first place. but at the same time, I really do enjoy fully expressing myself like this because it is alot of fun and makes me feel alive. some of my buddies I go with don’t really put themselves too out there which kind of effects my energy. this creates internal conflict. I shouldn’t care but also going with more likeminded friends would be way better (I had some but they moved away).

very long post but some very good insights for me


some more points:

I was doing pretty good with saving and managing my money in general, but this weekend… I blew alot on eating out, alcohol, buying drinks, etc… no bueno.

I’ve been realizing a bigger urge and excitement in starting some sort of business. I have a few ideas but still brainstorming.


Realizing I need to fully feel and embrace discomfort in life. The discomfort of denying porn, the discomfort of not being constantly validated, the discomfort of not being on my phone and mindlessly browsing the internet, the initial discomfort of being still, the discomfort of taking cold showers.


Taking action on a money making idea that I’ve had for awhile. Emperor seems to be clearing away all previous “I can’t make money or start a business” beliefs I’ve had. Feeling really good about the potential. Feeling great right now in general.

No more porn. It’s a killer and has kept me stagnant or regressing when I indulge. Wouldn’t say I’m NoFap but I’m certainly NoPorn after looking at some YourBrainOnPorn content.

No more mindless entertainment (well moderation, I guess). I’ve wasted so much of my life browsing pointless shit on the web. If I was looking at pointless shit now, I wouldn’t be working towards my business idea.

Also I’m talking slowly and more confidently. Feeling more sure of myself and don’t really care about how others are gonna react. Feels more pronounced. Not trying to subconsciously say the right things to try to be liked by others.

Edit: So far I’m at 25 loops of Emperor, 23 loops of Primal Seduction, and 18 loops of Sanguine. Nothing crazy compared to some of the hours I see y’all putting in, but I’m still noticing significant differences. This stuff is strong. I had a good foundation and already had a couple years of personally clearing away internal negativity and replacing it with positivity so that may be why these subs are being pretty effective despite my relatively low listening rates.


Feeling super calm, nonchalant, relaxed, and dominant today. Posture reflecting all these things. I feel really good and full of energy. Great eye contact. People deferring to me. Last night I was full of energy and couldn’t fall asleep as early as I wanted. Could’ve been cause I had some tea early in the day and was on my phone at night, but one of my tricks to sleeping is to lay down while playing an educational video. It’s sad but I usually pass out in minutes. This time, the video gave me even more energy and made me want to work on my business idea. The videos I watched were related my business idea, but the videos in the past were educational stuff related to getting a cert. Maybe that’s why I was more excited.

Also, this morning I had some doubts about my business idea. What if I fail? Will it even be worth it? I quickly reinterpreted them and reframed them: IF THERE IS NO RISK OF FAILURE, THERE IS NO OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS. This is now my mantra. Even if it does not succeed, I will have gained valuable skills and experience and will likely do it all over again.