Husband/Father Material

I am wondering whether Emperor, Stark or Khan gives the husband material vibe and is focusing on presenting an external image of stability to women, so as to attract women who are looking for long term stable partners ( vs short flings) ?

I know Stark gives the playboy image, while perhapa Emperor might have be more suitable for someone who wants to be a devoted, breadwinner husband and father ?


I would go with Khan ST4. Feeling more caring for my family, and having more fun.

But Emperor is good also good focus on your goals, but more stoic type for me. But it could be different if your already outgoing person. Every person also respond differently to the sub.

Stark is more balanced of emperor and khan. Hard choices. But is not as sexual and fun way of being as khan.

On Stark i dont feel i enjoy my job too much. But my mood and social was great sometimes good motivation.

Custom sub is best but is more expensive.

Ascended Mogul is good for getting job, liking the jobs, doing good, for me its about doing the right thing in life with AM.

Every program can work for you.
Maybe someone else can tell you what they think.


At first, as often happens, I was thinking, ‘WTF do I know about this?’. hahaha. But now (as also often happens) I think I have an opinion.

I think it’s sort of like looking at different animals. A tiger. An elephant. A whale.

Those are three very different animals, yes? But each in its own right, we would mostly agree, is very powerful.

Each of those animals also has its own life cycle. When it’s young and playing around, when it gets older and is more goal-oriented, when it reaches mating and maturity time, and so on.

What if these programs you mentioned are the same. What if there’s a young version of Emperor and there’s also a kind of established, settled family version. And what if the same could be true for the other programs as well. They might look different, but what they’d share in common would be that they’d kind of established their Home and their Kingdom.

The quality of constantly exploring and roving around is most popular among the adolescents. Young and in search of new frontiers and new opportunities. So, maybe the way someone processes Emperor, or Khan, or Stark, is not just a consequence of the subliminal. But is also related to the stage of life that they are in while using the subliminal.


Yes, I have been thinking about this for a while. There’s so much talk about seduction in this forum and getting women using the alpha subs. However, very few people talk about subliminals that help them with long-term relationships with their other half.

Perhaps for me, even though I still feel inexperienced with the opposite sex, I am having thoughts that I am at a stage in my life where I want to actually settle down and have a family with somebody.

So to me, taking care of the financial component of my life is becoming more important than seducing women, especially when I already have someone in my heart.

Of course, the social status and power component is another aspect altogether that I would still want to develop, but not at the expenses of a having a happy family of my own as well as being able to meet my current obligations to my parents and siblings.


May sound strange, but I’ve read some reports about Alchemist increasing intimacy between partners. Combined with Sex Mastery possibly.

Not entirely surprising I suppose, growing spirituality leads to more empathy and understanding.

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I agree with what @Badboi said. When running Khan (ST1 to ST4), I felt more feelings of responsibility for my parents, siblings, nephews, nieces and wanted to contribute to family. The original Khan was big on family and tribes, and I feel that is very much in there in SubClub’s Khan programming.