How would these subliminals affect one who's subconscious is already in alignment with the rest of their being?


From my rudimentary understanding, these subs are design to rewire our subconscious programming for the better.

What if someone’s subconscious does not need any rewiring? How would the subs affect them?


Human beings, given enough time, may achieve mastery, but not perfection. However, should someone that perfect exist, the subs likely wouldn’t do anything. Except maybe strengthen what is already there, giving you a defense against temptation.

Long answer:

In the theory of neuro-plasticity, it is said that for every idea, skill and habit a synaptic connection is made between two points in the brain. The more often we reinforce that thing, the stronger, more vibrant that connection becomes. That is your wiring.

An example...

Say that you have a daily habit to wake up late, causing you to have to rush off to work. Every time you do that, that connection becomes stronger. Waking up late is easy, waking up early seems an insurmountable task, one you are not motivated to attempt…

Now you start listening to subs, and one of the messages in the subs cause you to realize that you should get an early start instead. The subs boost your motivation to change. So one day out of the blue, you make up your mind, set your alarm clock and you start waking up an hour early. A new connection is created.

The old connection is still present, and it is still stronger than the new one. The temptation to wake up late persists. But the sub keeps reminding you of the idea you have to change, and so armed with an alarm clock and a daily dose of willpower, you keep waking up early.

At some point, the old connection starts to weaken from under-use, while the new one keeps getting stronger. Until you get to a point where the new connection is now stronger, more vibrant than the old one. And the new habit is born. It is now suddenly easy to wake up early.

The old connection never really goes away. Like an addiction, it waits in the shadows for you to fall back into old habits and make it strong again. But the longer you feed the new habit, the harder it becomes to regress to the old one.

At this point, the same thing in the subliminal that made you consider to wake up early is now leading you to new conclusions. It’s the same message, but now that you are waking up early, you realize even more ways to spend your time better. Like preparing next day’s food the night before, or doing cardio in the morning.

We are creating, strengthening and weakening these synaptic connections until our final moments, and the subs act like a GPS that tells us how best to get to our destination. If we think we know better and deviate from the path, the subs won’t resist, they’ll just recalculate and show you a new way to get to your goal.

And of course, once we’ve reached our destination, it is up to us to enter in a new destination, allowing the same old GPS to get us there instead. You don’t need a different sub, you just need to set a new destination.

The subliminals don’t give you a defined template. Fire and Saint did not create a script that includes an exact bullet-point list of properties that defines an Emperor. Your perception of what defines an Emperor will always be growing as you yourself grow, like a snowball down a mountain. You’ll start to come to new realizations that form new goals in your mind. You’ll realize that what you at first thought was the destination is only one milestone on a longer path.

So the person you describe in all likelihood will not exist. It would mean they’ve become all they can be, there’s absolutely nothing more in their own perception that is left to do. They’re done. Now what?

If your next question is: why then can’t we create one sub to rule them all, feel free to ask. This answer is too long already. :wink:


if someone is already enlightened then everything we say about that is pure speculation. If someone who has awakened to ultimate mastership of their life then what these subs do is completely up to them. Of course they don’t need the subs because they already are the all. So few are even at that level and if they are they’re not using subliminals to program themselves because they don’t actually need them. They’re already living in harmony with the universe. It’s so speculative for anyone to even comment on such things because it’s a guesstimate that probably 1% or less of the population is truly self realized or enlightened that it’s really trees falling in the forest with nobody to hear the sound.