How to use/structure these stacks

Hello I’m extremely new to all of this… Honestly saw sub club being requested on a fileshare sub reddit and had never heard of this stuff before so thought I’d give it a try. I’m just mentioning that so you guys know adding those little comments telling people what you do does bring in customers

I’ve bought a bunch now and am trying to resist the desire to buy everything heh.

So far I’ve bought Khan, StarkQ and Libertine Ultima and Im eyeing Limitless, Emperor & Emperor Fitness Supreme.

Obviously, this is too many, on account of so many aspects of my life needing improvement and I’m also struggling with how to effectively use them.

I really need to improve my productivity in order to keep up at work and at the same time I need to work on my fitness and relationships in general. I’ve lost 80lbs this year but I also lost my fiance to cancer at the start of the year and need to start laying the groundwork for moving on.

So I guess my question to everyone here is which products should I be grabbing and how should I structure there use (hours per day/making different playlists for each day of the week etc) to get the most out of them.

Currently, I find I gravitate towards StarkQ mostly on account that its a single file and I can just let it run without wondering if Im using it right heh. I do feel like it makes me a bit more mentally clear and when I run one of the audio files overnight I often feel like my eyes are darting about but its not a strong enough effect that I can confidentally say its not a placebo effect.

So I come humbly before you all for help :slight_smile:

You’ve come at the right time. See how you do with The Executive, a subliminal that’s free for a limited time. Run it for one loop at the beginning of the day, then run StarkQ. Ignore Khan & Libertine for now.

Keep in mind we no longer recommend just playing on repeat all day long.

Hello, welcome!

1st month start with one track
That could be StarkQ
Do not let it run all night lol

read this and follow.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, but…

Based off what I’ve read on here, and advice others have given me, I would say that between the products that you have purchased, start with Stark. Khan is a more advanced subliminal and as you probably noticed and kind of referred to, is a multi stage Subliminal and judging from journals I’ve read and the sales page, a bit more intense than say Stark. As @SubliminalUser said, you can also get the new, free Executive Ultima and run that with Stark. Bear in mind that Executive is an Ultima, so the loop count/playability differs from a Q, like Stark. I believe Ultima requires higher quality earphones as well.

Welcome to SubClub, by the way!

Welcome to the forum!

First of all, so sorry to hear about the loss of your fiance! :cry:

Khan might be good for the deep emotional healing, but Regeneration would also be good. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned here is the importance of having a solid foundation before trying to build something totally new.

One thing many people here do is keep a journal to document their progress, both to share experiences with others but also to document it for yourself, so you can look back and see your own progress. Good luck! :+1:t2:


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I really appreciate the feedback… Kind of hard to find info on this forum so the links etc helped alot

First of all, I’m sorry for your loss.

Many of us here feel that we have many things that need improvement. However, do note that just like any endeavor, self-improvement is a step by step process. And aside from that, you have to prioritize what aspects need the most attention right now. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? What are your goals? Is it healing, or moving on? Is it gaining wealth? Is it learning a new skill? Once you know what you want, you can then work towards that.

If you’re willing to shell out for 6 subs (2 being multi-staged), you may want to consider a custom one then.

And as @BLACKICE mentioned:

Hey bro, I started four months ago with two major multi stage which are Khan and emperor fitness.

I spent a month on each stage and it was honestly glorious.

Khan is underrated, I’d recommend it because of the healing first stage

Emperor fitness go get you that chad body