How to use Quantum Limitless


I’m new to subliminal club product and recently i just bought quantum limitless for dealing with my test in upcoming months ahead.

The product is contains of 4 stage, and I still dont know which one should I listen that accomodate my need.

As I read the product description, for a student like me maybe using ST 3 or 4 is suitable, but can I do that ? Can I skip the stage and listen to what i want to hear not in chronologically in order?
And how many loops should I hear?



I recommend starting from St1
you need to follow the stages to get best results
So you can attain every good aspects of quantum limitless


The stages are made primarily to work in order for best results. However, they are also constructed in such a way that they can be used independently of each other. What is your time frame until your exam?

There is no set number of loops as a specific rule. The recommendation is minimum 6 hours or 8 loops minimum per day.


Yes for best result i need to use it in order, but i dont have that time luxury


I have time at least 3 months.

Is it wrong if i play ST3 and ST4 back to back One after another in one playlist and set it for 8 loop?


I did it at the beginning when I needed a quick boost. It worked well. After I went back to ST 1 etc.


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hello everybody a happy new year for you all ,

will quantum limitless be helpful in mastering physical exercises here i speak about yoga and breathing exercises . now i am in the process of mastering a type of breathing thats helpful and beneficial in my path . but like i cant progress further . whats your thought and if i bought i intend to play just one stage for 3 months which one from your experience will be beneficial for my goal


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@dida and @SaintSovereign Hi Dida, I am kind of hijacking your question here to just expand it and hopefully we will get both answers to our questions. I really want to buy a Sub that will allow me to learn things at a much faster pace and those things are rather skills that involve muscle memory and memorising physical movements and combinaison such as Ju Jitsu, Salsa dancing, acroyoga. Would QL help best to go at a much faster pace? Thanks