How to test headphones?

It’s been more than a year since the last time I logged in here.

Is there a way to test how well my headphone or laptop speakers play SubClub’s Subliminals?

I took a 6-months break from Subliminals but before that, I sometimes doubted the efficiency of my output devices.

Ultrasonics or masked as well?

Mostly Masked. Don’t want to miss out on script and different layers of subliminal.

But it’s good to test Ultrasomic too

Masked tracks are quite forgiving. If you can hear them and they don’t sound distorted, you’re good.

Ultrasonics have their own instructions, which have been posted many times and should also be part of the PDF’s you can download with your purchase.

Generally, the differences in effectiveness between low and high quality speakers/earphones is negligible, but do try and aim for at least decent quality.

Ultima is the odd one, in this case don’t “try”, just get a decent quality or even good to excellent quality for best results.


Helpful as always.

I hope you are doing good.

Here there are some good youtubes videos to test headphones overall qualities:


You’ve come back during a good time, SubClub has evolved a lot.