How to pass the tests of emperor?

I’ve been listening to emperor for a while and I have to say it’s really tough. In addition to having broken up with my girlfriend, since I listened to him I also had problems with the car, I had slowdowns for my definitive transfer to my apartment ( I suffer a lot for this, because I really need to isolate myself, feel comfortable and study for the September exams).
In addition, a girl with whom I might have been able to fuck in the coming weeks, wants to fuck one of my best friends and in all this situation I struggle to study, despite listening to QL ST2 as well.
Do you know any way to survive during this period of challenges? or the only solution is to attack with your head down ignoring all the problems and sad episodes?
I’m trying to understand the lessons behind these events and some are also good lessons, but damn emperor all together? give me a break

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It’s unlikely that Emperor manifested these situations. The “challenges” that the subliminal can invoke generally revolves around bringing hidden internal issues to light. Most of the issues you mentioned seems to be the end result of things that were neglected. For example, car issues very rarely appear out of nowhere, likewise with the girl who suddenly wants to hook up with your best friend as well. The signs were there that she was attracted to him – it’s more likely that you simply missed them.

What Emperor IS doing, however, is making you aware of the dynamics surrounding these situations and revealing an uncomfortable truth – that maybe you have to get your stuff together and handle your business. And that’s the best way to deal with a situation like this: handle your business. Let the girl know that you’re the alpha and you find her sexually attractive. Don’t ignore car problems. Find out what the slowdown is on the apartment transfer and push the people into finishing it.

Putting your head down and ignoring these issues is exactly what you SHOULDN’T do.


Thanks for your advice, you’re right i have to find balance in my life, breath and
start managing my life better