How to know when to drop a subliminal


I have been listening to Emperor and Alchemist ST2 in a 1:1 stack. Before adding Emperor I had done roughly two months of Alchemist ST1 exclusively as I was focused on my spiritual growth the most at the time. I’ve been pleased with the results overall.
Then I added Emperor to the Alchemist ST1 as I felt I wanted to start to grow in other areas too. This lasted about 2 weeks. After that I changed out Alchemist ST1 for ST2 and it’s been 1 week now. It’s my current playlist like I said at the beginning.
At this point I’m considering dropping Alchemist entirely as I don’t feel I need to focus on my spiritual growth as much, subliminal-wise. I do quite a few other spiritual practices on a daily basis and I certainly want to continue growing spiritually, but for some reason I don’t feel like doing it with the help of Alchemist.
Is it reconciliation of Alchemist ST2? I truly have no idea how to approach it. My feelings tell me to just drop it and my mind rationalizes it many different ways, so it’s logical for me to do that too.

Edit: I did Emperor on and off the previous year as new versions came out and that’s why I thought I would be OK running it with Alchemist as I assumed I was already familiar with it.


The key problem is that you never know if your urge or need to change is reconciliation.
I also encountered shifting goals and changed my stack. I also felt to go back to a sub i stopped before.
Which one is the right one? Which sub will give the best results?

To be frank i didnt know if its realy possible to know when to change. The only chance imho is to make the change and see what happens. If you are satisfied with the growing and the results you see it was the right path. Otherwise step back and continue.