How to develop gravitas?


I have been playing around with Ascension Lite for the last couple of days. I can definitely tell that it does something to you. Right now I’m not even playing it but I’m feeling physical effects. Like something is running through my nervous system. Self confidence is a up a little. Usually in the morning, I wake up with some baseline anxiety. This morning however it was a bit different. Anxiety was still here without really being there.

Growing up, I had a lot of self esteem issues. As a teenager, to be socially accepted, I thought I had to make people laugh and act silly. Clowning became a strategy I grew up with. It finally became a part of my identity. To the point that sometimes I overdo it. And when I feel confident I become overly chatty.
I guess Ascension and Ascended Mogul can destroy neediness.
Now here is my question : Which sub can I use to develop gravitas, always be collected and not be as (uselessly) chatty?


Emperor and Primal.