How to buy Iron Thorne?


Hi, I found your site recently and read about iron thorne.

Why is it not available to buy anymore as a standalone?

So how do I get it now?



Hi Rusty,

it seems like it was a bonus for pre-orders. You cant buy it otherwise, but it has been on sale a few weeks ago. So it may be on sale again.


It was a bit of an exclusive sale of an originally experimental and yet wildly successful sub. Like a final goodbye sale because so many people wanted it.

I doubt it will come around again until they make a new, shiny version and make that its own product. Then, obviously, only the new product comes round.

I could be wrong, of course.


If it was successful then keeping it in the store would make sense.
If it’s not gong to be sold again then I guess it wouldn’t hurt if someone could give me access to it so I could test it for myself…please!

I came to buy it today so rather annoyed I can’t get it at all.


It wasn’t meant to be a product because it’s technically not “complete”. To make it work the way it did, a lot was stripped from it.

Plus, it was only ever ultrasonic. And even though that was mentioned and it was stated multiple times that there would be NO masked track, in the week that it was for sale, people kept asking for a masked track anyway. That gets annoying. :slight_smile:

Your life won’t end without it, trust me. Other products work just as well. Khan stage 3 has a lot of the techniques used in Iron Throne in it. And if you can’t afford that, you could always go for the standard Primal Seduction. You’ll just have to be a bit more pro-active.


We need try and get as many members as possible to support the rerelease of iron throne both ultrasonics and the masked. If we get enough people to support this we might beable to get some movement.


Maybe a Primal Seduction Iron Throne multi-stage? :wink:


@AMASH the throne will return !


That would be far too dangerous in your hands.

Guys, why not wait for the future of Iron Throne instead of the past? Like Game of Thrones, it will gradually be replaced. Iron Throne is dead, long live Iron Throne!


Omg, that would be deadly!


Superb idea AMASH


You can use khan. Its not iron throne but people are writing it is much more powerful


I’m on the fence with subs working for me. I’ve tried subs from other sites before and still not sure if it’s just placibo or not. Khan is too expensive just to test out these subliminals.

Iron throne was cheap and had positive reviews so seems a good fit to test these subs out before I dive into other subs.


If you want to test them, why not try something like Libertine, Elixier, True Social etc?


Iron throne is the only one that stands out to me right now that would be a good test before I invest in anything else.


In the eventuality that blackadder manifests his desire and brings it back, and all the people that want it back with a masked version get theirs as well, the price point would likely be equal to any of the major programs. Emperor has been getting a lot of good reviews again lately. Why not get that?

Iron Throne is (as the thread title states) becoming an Iron Thorne in the side of SubClub in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Of course I have no right to speak, since I actually have it even though AMASH keeps telling me I don’t need it when I have Khan. What can I say, I like complete collections. It’s a character flaw.


The Throne will return !. :slight_smile:


That’s the open secret of @AMASH journey.

Stage 1: Primal
Stage 2: Sex & Seduction
Stage 3: Primal Seduction, Iron Throne
Stage 4: Khan Multi Stage


yessss hahahaha!!!


sounds like you have some blockages to clear. i highly recommend getting a sub for that and then going with emperor, or you can just try emperor, it is very powerful and still has what youre trying to do as part of it.