How to activate modules?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

I have been keeping a journal about my progress as I listen to my custom subliminals. I’ve noticed that with many of my modules, I can definitively think of what the subliminal is doing based on its description.

However there are some I’m not sure how to know if they are working, or how to activate them (e.g., if there is something I need to do in addition to taking action).

For many, their effects seem obvious to me. With The Merger of Worlds, I can literally hear the background chatter in my head sometimes of thoughts that were previously unconscious. The same with negative images that were going on in the background. They are now obvious to me, and I’m convinced The Merger of Worlds is making that possible. With ARES, I’ve noticed I have fewer negative emotions. With Inner Voice, when I have a negative thought, most of the time a positive thought is immediately put in its place and I can notice that is happening. With Panther, my approach anxiety is almost completely gone. With Joie de Vivre, I can definitively say I love my life more now. Those are just some examples. In fact, I would say at this point more than 70% of the modules are definitely presenting obvious results. So I’m completely confident in your technology and scripting.

There are others I’m not sure how to know what they are doing, or how to get the scripting to activate. Perhaps more information about them would help.

  1. Current Invoker - Besides taking action, is there something I need to do to get this script activated? Also, how would I know it is working? What would I notice?

  2. Positive Being Attractor – Wealth
    What do I need to do to get communication going with these beings? How do I attract them in? How would I know they are communicating with me, and how do I communicate with them?


I would also like to know about those 2 lol


This is likely something best realized in conjunction with a manifestational/spiritual practice that involves the conscious deliberation of timelines. Reality Transurfing and some of Neville Goddard’s work comes to mind.



This is a good intuition exercise.

Positive Being Attractor-Wealth: This one seems quite versatile and broad. There must be literally billions of positive beings about. Two ways of connecting with them come to mind. 1) Feeling a sense of genuine, receptive gratitude. Most beings, including human beings, respond well to that. 2) Making polite (not obeisantly polite) requests. A third would be to interact with them a bit, mentally or ritually. (The equivalent of leaving out cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.) Nothing big. Maybe put out a vase of flowers, or water, or some other nice thing combined with an intention of welcome, reception, and gratitude. Could be something you were going to put out anyway, but just combined with an intention of well-wishing for all of those energies and entities that are supporting you.

Current Invoker. This is about dipping into the causal flows that are constantly going on all around us. Riding the waves of synchronicity and occurrence. Reminds me a bit of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the books came up on the forum a couple of weeks ago). There’s a kind of device that ‘sticks out an intergalactic thumb’ so one can be picked up by passing spaceships that are in the neighborhood. This program also seems to be about receptiveness, enthusiasm, and involvement. Put feelers out. Feel an inner confidence that opportunities, events, and social connections are flowing around you and coming to you. And of course, do things related to the current you wish to join.


For wealth, a small token for Oshosi, perhaps?


Do you have this module Malkuth, have you noticed anything in particular from doing the above practice?


Hey @Azriel, yes, I do have that module. I was doing practices related to this before I ran the module. I’ve noticed definite results from past practices and they continue now.

In general, the subconscious needs to be held loosely. Measuring it and hemming it in cramps its style and interferes with its process.

For me, this type of module, even more so than in general, should be held loosely. It’s hopefully something of a self-selecting sample, in that a person who is willing to purchase a module called Positive Beings Attractor-Wealth will also hopefully be a person who is willing to suspend disbelief and allow for the possibility that some or all of the good things happening to her are being mediated or supported by positive beings.

Even so, humans are beings too, and this module might also attract human beings who help us with our wealth processes.

For that part (i.e., the human being part), I don’t think I’ve noticed anything. But then again, subconscious/subliminal results have a tendency to sneak up on one. Sometimes I notice a result quite some time after it has already been around. I kind of love this aspect of it; how results swim to you through the medium and substance of your own everyday life.


I would believe something like that could certainly positively assist over time, especially in little
probably undetectable ways, the right guidance subtly at the right time.

I was curious as I’m running tight on room for an upcoming wealth custom phase 1, and have been hemming and hawing over what to include. Deliberating on that module was part of the hawing. lol

Yes, beautifully, said. Especially when I slow down, it invites those aspects of experience/results in.

I’m looking for more ‘explosive’ results on this next one, so may save the flowing potential of that module for a future date.


Well, your positive beings could very well be explosive. I tend more towards the whole flowing thing, but I think that’s just my personal preference. I suspect that my subconscious kind of imposes that dynamic onto the things I’m dealing with.

I was saying the other day, when a tiger eats an apple, that apple turns into Tiger. When a fish eats the same apple, the apple becomes Fish.

I think that subliminals work with you to manifest what you are looking for and becoming.

haha. So, what’s the hemming about?

Yes, you can always add it to a custom at some other time if it calls to you later.

Ah, right. I remember now. The Emperor energy.

Making. Things. Happen.

You want to harness and apply that powerful Will. Makes sense.


You get me :slight_smile:

Damn, really good points, back to hemming and hawing :joy:


Current invoker even without the module I could do it with alchemist.

Essentially you must develop your awareness of energy… energy of things, words, etc

Then you can think of a certain word and Bring its energy to you and through you just by thinking about it and feeling it - when I saw the module I was pretty sure that’s what it is - may or may not be but closest thing I can think of is this

learn energy awareness IMHO