How often to use Regeneration?


Hey there.

Was looking at Regeneration, it’s awesome to see that it’s out. Also hyped for the elixir, both of which I plan on getting soon.

I was just wondering how often, for the BEST possible results, should Regeneration be used? Also, should it be used with Rebirth & Limit Destroyer?

I plan to super-focus my stack.

Emperor, gonna get rid of primal… I want its benefits but I feel like it might make results too slow, and regen + limit destroyer + rebirth if that’s a realistic setup.



I am running regeneration at night 6 loops with 2 loops rebirth and two loops limit destroyer which is about 7 hours in ultrasonic while i am sleeping. I run am and primal throughout the day for about 9 hours give or take. I feel using it at night is a good way to clear blockages, negativity etc and to start my day with a blank slate. I will try this for 3 months and see how i get on but its all down to you at the end of the day :slight_smile:


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It all depends on what your MAIN goal is. If your main goal is healing, make sure your stack has more healing based focus. If you’re going to keep Emperor and that’s your main focus, make sure it’s run more.


How has this been working for you? Especially Regeneration?


Been listening to regen for about 6 weeks all played at night with rebirth, less negativity when i wake up and i am less bitter towards my ex lol even when i feel negative i catch myself quickly and reframe it, gonna listen to this for at least 2 months