How Many Ultima Titles to Run At Once?

Thank you for the great work! I love this stuff, and extra thanks for the Executive freebie! Also sent it to family and a client. I REALLY like them, many of them :D. How many is it okay to run?

I realize it also varies from person to person for sure, do you think for some people they can run many as they wish? What is the average, and the min/max you would recommend?

Thank you! @HypeDaddySovereign @Fire

1-2 at a time is recommended, start with that and if it works, you can expand beyond and report back how it goes.

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Definitely works for me

I am using many more but wonder what the producers think about it. I notice some ‘stress’ but not sure if that’s because of this or just in general. I may consider lowering number of titles but yea, they are all really useful for my situation

Absolutely not. You’re going to end up stonewalling or experiencing intense reconciliation. Just because it didn’t happen the first time doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. You need to take it slow. 1-2 max.


So one or two titles maximum at time?

And if I have an interest in many of them, how would you recommend going about it? Listen to each one based on the day eg 1-2 Monday, another 1-2 Tuesday, etc?

How to get results from it if I have an interest in 5 Ultima titles for example?


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5 days test run
Then coose

Waiting for an answer on this as well

You need to calm down mate…your end up like this guy ClutteredEnlightenedDipper-size_restricted …looooool


Currently using 3. Wondering if later we can use more. Can we build up from there after some Time @HypeDaddySovereign?

@HypeDaddySovereign I’m also curious about this.

2 is the typical limit but…can we run a 3rd one if that third one is DREAMS while falling asleep? Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try this, otherwise I would report back on this.

I have found success, running 1 Ultima consistently for a week, and then running other’s situation-ally as needed. More recently I’ve been doing rebirth and elixer almost every day, although I’ve swapped out elixir for libertine once and will swap out elixir tonight for commander.

Will report back. So far Libertine still seemed to work extremely well same day as Rebirth.

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The opposite end may yield some results for the reader; Last week, I did not run ANY ultima title for two or more days in a row besides Rebirth and I have benefited from all the Ultimas run.

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