How many months should one listen to regeneration?

I know it varies by each person but how long should I listen to regeneration to get the best effects?

Is this one of those Subliminals that people still listen to even after 4-5 months? I’m sure with Q things will be a bit different.

I definitely have some negative habits and views I’ve picked up from childhood that have stayed with me.

I’m also going to listen to Stark Q Terminus with this stack.


Nobody had an answer?

I suppose the only answer that can be given is “however long you feel you need it.”

And yes, there are people that still listen after months. Others take it in and out of their stack periodically as a refresher.


I would say forever. I’m going to do at least 9 years. :wink:


I’d say use it for 6 months, especially if stacking it with something else then see how far you’ve progressed. That should be a good amount of time to “reach back into your past” and help you shed those unwanted habits…

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My view most closely aligns with this response.

Having an index of change, some observable standard by which to gauge movement, can sometimes be helpful. Not just with subliminals, but in any valued life area. It’s a double-edged sword, but sometimes it can help with feeling hope, determination and motivation.

An example is how some people, when starting out on a physical transformation journey, will take measurements of most of their important body dimensions. Chest, arms, biceps, quads, gut, weight, and so forth. Then at some meaningful interval ( a month, every 2-3 months, a year), they’ll re-measure. We sometimes have a tendency to normalize the progress we’ve made. We ‘feel’ the same subjectively, so we assume that nothing has changed. Going back and looking at the numbers can reveal the precious progress you’ve made.

It’s double-edged because measurement can become a distraction from practice. We may obsessively check the numbers rather than just getting into good-quality efforts. Also, while numbers don’t ‘lie’, our interpretations of those numbers can be inaccurate or misguided. We may not even have selected the most apt index for measurement, so we can still miss important progress that’s happened. Finally, we all know that progress in a natural system is often not linear. So, the numbers don’t tell you everything.

All of that was just a caveat. hahaha.

My real point is that one good idea is to hone in on some aspects of healing that are important to you, and then pursue activities outside of the subliminals that can give you feedback on how the healing process is proceeding. Therapy would be one very intuitive example. Or, if you’re working with a specific trigger for trauma, doing the whole ‘systematic desensitization’ thing, wherein you set up a hierarchy of gradually increasing exposure to the trigger. (Triggers could be ‘cats’, ‘public speaking’, ‘the mall’, ‘meetings at the office’, ‘family dinners’, ‘bars’, etc.,).

Healing is a lifelong process. Every level of us is constantly wearing down and regenerating. Anabolism and Catabolism. So there’ll always be a place for this program. But there are likely some very significant markers that are special for you. So you can find some way to check in on how those particular markers might be changing over time.

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I agree with you. Thank you for your insights. Healing is a lifelong process.