How many loops of starkq?


How many loops of starkq do you guys listen to that works?


How many subs do you have? So that I can predict if you’ll make any more “How many loops” threads.

The instructions/recommendations are the same for ALL Q titles. Start with one. Listen for at least a day. Then maybe add a second. Listen for two days. A third, three days. And so on and on. Don’t go over 12 hours in a 24 hour period. You’ll figure out what feels best for you. And what’s best for you may not be best for somebody else.

Some people on Stark have been listening since it came out. They may already be accustomed to more loops, but it’ll be difficult to find any with amazing results listening 24/7.

EDIT: I know I may have been a bit rude. I apologize. But do understand what I’m saying. The program doesn’t matter as much as the instructions. In the end maybe you can run a few more loops of one sub compared to the other. But nobody can tell you what you in particular can handle. Understand?


The reason why I was asking is because currently i’m running emperor fitness solo for 6 months then i’m thinking of doing starkq that’s why I wanted to know if there’s a perfect number of loops I could listen for it and it’s fine you weren’t rude.


And the reason why I was asking is because I saw some people listening to 6 loops of it compared to others who listen to it for 2 loops you understand what i’m saying?


I do, which emphasizes my point that the comfortable “level” is very different for everybody. Even if everybody here told you how many loops they do, it still won’t give you a definitive answer on how many you can do.

As an example, it takes a LOT of loops to get through to my head. Most people would show reconciliation by the time I start noticing something. Even Saint, as it turns out. But I am relatively certain that Saint can handle a lot more that most people, since he’s been running subs when they still came on audio cassette tape.

So there’s three factors:

  1. How much your mind can process/handle naturally.
  2. How close you are already compared to the sub’s goals (how much change does it need to accomplish).
  3. How acclimatized your mind is to running subs (has your brain developed a specialized subliminal-processing program yet).

The point I was trying to make is that everybody can tell you how many loops they are running, many of which have already been running it for a while, and it still wouldn’t help you. Not really. Start at the beginning and build from there.


Will I still benefit if I just do one loop per day?


@timas - yes.