How many loops of emperor fitness?


How many loops of emperor fitness should I listen to?


start with 1, and if u feel ok then keep increasing by 1 loop, if it gets too heavy go down by 1 loop, with the new Q u need to take it slow and always reflect on how ur feeling, I myself am using ef, and because I have been using sub club subs for a year I feel I’m better prepared but even I’m starting with only 2 loops.


What about the ultrasonic version overnight everyday?


Do u take rest days ?cause I dnt know if I must take rest days …cause I want to force a breakthrough…


Today is my 3rd day and I haven’t planned on any rest days yet, I’ll observe and if I need it then I’ll probably take rest days.


That’s too much, the old ways of set and forget and leaving subs running for long hours and overnight worked for the old generation of subs, these new subs r very potent and its advised to start with only 1 or 2 loops and to allow ur body to rest in the night.


Okay I will start with one loop fro week 1 and then week 2 two loops and stay like that. Let’s make a groupchat on instagram with everyone who’s using or used emperor fitness. Would you be interested in doing it?


I want to do two loops daily …I don’t play at night at all…
I don’t want a rest day since I want to force the breakthrough…


This is fine, u can try it and if u feel its too much u can go down to 1 loop.


Also do you listen to it before sleep or anytime?


I’m planning to listen to it before sleep from today onwards to see if that method helps.


Okay let me know also add me on instagram so we can share results it’s kebiuk


I’m guessing many people here, and that includes me, aren’t comfortable sharing their real life identity, that’s the whole point of an anonymous forum, which is why u see people posting so openly here about their whole lives, coz u know everything about a person’s life but not who that person is, like for example @DarkPhilosopher could literally be the person sitting next to you on the bus and you would never find out :wink: .


No worries!


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